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Risk Management

Risk Management administers the University's property and liability insurance programs designed to provide a safe environment for the campus community, as well as protect and preserve the University's assets from adverse effects of physical and financial loss. We provide the following services:

  • Coordination of the University's comprehensive property and casualty insurance, auto insurance, and tort liability protection with the Idaho State Risk and Insurance Management Department
  • Claims management for University property, liability and auto losses
  • Issue requested certificates of insurance
  • Coordination and claims management involving workers compensation accidents
  • Contract review and advice on Risk Management Issues

Charitable Games Guidance:


Minors on Campus:

If your Program/College is hosting or sponsoring an event that involves minors on campus, or an outside organization is hosting/sponsoring an event on one of our campuses that involves minors, please refer to 10510 Minors on Campus policy on the ISUPP and provide the “EVENT ACKNOWLEDGEMENT AND CERTIFICATION FORM” to Risk Management certifying that all necessary steps have been taken to ensure the safety of minors participating in the event.

Miscellaneous Agreements and Forms:

  • Property or Loss Reporting Form

    Idaho State University is insured by the State of Idaho. If your department experiences a property loss of $2000 or more, you may file a claim for possible recovery of the loss by completing the attached form (Property or Loss Reporting Form) and submitting it to the Office of General Counsel/Risk Management (Campus Box 8410). Supporting information needed to accompany the form would be (1) if the loss involves theft, vandalism or a similar crime, a police report and/or Public Safety Incident Report; (2) a copy of the invoice and/or documentation of replacement costs, such as bids, quotes or estimates; and (3) if the item(s) are also covered on the supplemental insurance policy (Inland Marine), a printout verifying its coverage with the ISU tag number or serial number and replacement cost(s). This form must be completed within 90 days from the date of loss. ISU's Risk Management Office will submit it to the State Risk Management Office, who will determine recovery amounts based on the information submitted. If you have any questions or require assistance in filling out this form, you may contact the Office of General Counsel/Risk Management, extension 3234.
  • Citizen's Claim Report

    Claims: Liability claims against the State of Idaho (Idaho State University) must be filed in accordance with the Idaho Tort Claims Act (Idaho Code §6-905).

    All third-parties, i.e., a non-employee of the University, citizen or student wishing to present a claim or inquiring about filing procedures, should be given a Citizens Claim Procedure form. Directions and the address on how to fill out the form and where to send it are provided to the claimant. Under no circumstances are we, as the University, to file a claim and/or documents with the Secretary of State on behalf of the claimant.

    Any incident involving a third-party for which there is potential liability or the possibility of a claim being filed needs to be reported to the ISU Office of Risk Management. We will submit as much information and documentation to the State Risk Management Office so they are aware of a potential claim.