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Risk Management


What We Do

Risk management administers the University’s insurance programs designed to provide a safe environment for the campus community, as well as protect and preserve the University’s assets from adverse effects of physical and financial loss. We provide the following services:

  • Coordinate claims regarding property and auto losses
  • Coordinate tort liability protection 
  • Handle requests for Certificates of Insurance (COI)
  • Provide risk advising for University events, programs, and activities


Serving as a partner and adviser by equipping departments with risk-aware skill sets and empowering them to understand the implications in making decisions to assume, mitigate, transfer, or eliminate the impact of risk.  We focus on the prevention of incidents or accidents with a principal focus on protecting the members of the University community and the environment.  We value our role as a strategic partner and serve to appropriately balance risk to carry out the University’s mission.


We are committed to developing a culture of risk management in the university and promoting an environment in which each member of the university community is responsible for protecting and enhancing the reputation and assets of the university.

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 Volunteer Policy

Idaho State University enjoys working with volunteers throughout the community. If your department is utilizing volunteers please have your volunteers sign a Volunteer Service Agreement. If the volunteers will be working with minors, please also have them complete a Background Check Authorization. The Background Check Authorization should be emailed to Risk Management: aubrienield@isu.edu. Record of Volunteer Service Agreements should be stored in by the department handling them. 

Risk Management Event Planning Form

ISU is committed to creating safe programs and events. The Risk Management Event Questionnaire found below is to help departments, individuals, or groups who are planning events analyze risks and how to mitigate those risks. Reach out to Aubrie Nield at (208) 282-5741 if you have any questions or need assistance. 

Assumption of Risk

If your activity requires an Assumption of Risk please fill out the template and send to Risk Management (aubrienield@isu.edu) for approval and finalization. If your program uses an Assumption of Risk on a consistent or annual basis, please check in with Risk Management to ensure it is updated with current language standards. If you are unsure whether or not your event requires an Assumption of Risk please call (208) 282-5741 or email aubrienield@isu.edu. Keep them for 3 years after regular events, and for 6 years after minor-focused events.

Property Loss

If your department incurs property damage please file a claim in a timely manner by sending a Property Loss Reporting Form, photos, and any other relevant documentation to Risk Management: aubrienield@isu.edu.

Auto Accident

If you or an individual in your department is in an accident while operating an authorized ISU vehicle please report to Public Safety and/or local law enforcement and fill out the tri-fold that resides in each vehicle. Submit the tri-fold and Public Safety or law enforcement incident report to Transportation Services. Transportation Services will work with Risk Management to handle the insurance claims.

Citizen's Claim

In the event of any accidents or incidents involving students or visitors on our campus, please complete an Incident Report and promptly submit it to Risk Management. Claims of liability against the State of Idaho (Idaho State University) must adhere to the guidelines outlined in the Idaho Tort Claims Act (Idaho Code §6-905). Individuals who are not university employees, including citizens or students, seeking to file a claim or inquire about filing procedures should be provided with a Citizens Claim Procedure form.

Injured Employees

For Workers' Compensation procedures and information please see the Workers' Compensation webpage


Idaho State University is covered by the Idaho State Tort Claims Act which provides a coverage limit of $500,000 per occurrence. Additional coverage is procured when necessary to meet healthcare standards.

ISU has an insurance policy through the State Risk Program that protects our employees traveling anywhere in the world except 1) The United States and its territories, 2) Puerto Rico, and 3) any country or jurisdiction which is the subject of trade or economic sanctions imposed by the laws or regulations of the United States of America. This coverage includes Voluntary Foreign Workers’ Compensation (including repatriation) and travel assistance to help state employees who travel overseas, and more. If the destination of requested travel is deemed high risk, additional approvals will be required before travel can commence. Please see the information below.


Idaho State University has obtained Medical Malpractice coverage for our healthcare-related students in clinical rotations and practicums. This policy provides $1M per occurrence and $3M aggregate. This coverage is necessary to allow our students to get hands-on experience in the field of healthcare and ensures we are meeting healthcare standards.

The University recognizes the importance of establishing prudent travel practices that keep students safe. This coverage is required for all students traveling as individuals or in groups, with or without university funding, for any ISU-sponsored, ISU-administered, or ISU-related activity or program.


This optional Inland Marine policy (not related to marine equipment) provides coverage for specifically declared items (typically valued under $2,000) and subject to the terms and conditions of the Major Property Policy, but at a lower deductible of $50.00 per occurrence (Major Property’s deductible is $2,000 per occurrence).

The following guidelines from the State of Idaho are designed to assist Covered Entities in determining insurance requirements and contractual language relating to the use of facilities owned by the Covered Entity. Please keep in mind that this is for general information only and that different policies, procedures, and requirements may be needed.

ISU’s Department of Risk Management has access to TULIP, also known as Special Event Coverage. It is used by institutions that permit “third parties” to use their facilities for specific events. It protects both ISU and the Facility User against claims by third parties who may be injured or lose property as a result of participating in an event.

As an “Authorized Operator” of a University-owned, rented, or leased vehicle for official business and/or student activity you must sign the Acceptable Vehicle Use Agreement and the Motor Vehicle Record Check Authorization and Release form. The Out-of-State Notification and Release Form should be completed when someone has an out-of-state driver's license. These completed forms should be sent to Transportation Services at vehreq@isu.edu.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car Agreement

ISU has an agreement with Enterprise for Car Rental services. 

The safety of minors is of utmost importance to Idaho State University. Risk Management must be aware of any events or programs involving minors. Please see the Protection of Minors Procedures and other relevant links below. 

Charitable Gaming

If you are interested in planning or hosting an event involving raffles, a poker event for charity, or anything else that would fall into the realm of Charitable Gaming, please refer to the Idaho Lottery website

We all have a responsibility to be risk managers as we protect students, faculty, staff, and the entire Bengal Community.

Contact Risk Management

ADDRESS                                        PHONE & FAX

Office of General Counsel                        Phone: (208) 282-5741
Administration 321                                     Fax: (208) 282-4821
921 S. 8th Ave., STOP 8410                      Email: aubrienield@isu.edu
Pocatello, ID 83209-8410