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Filming on Campus

All commercial filming on campus requires preapproval from ISU and a signed Filming and Location Agreement. In order to initiate this process, please answer the following required terms in an email to  marcom@isu.edu:

  • Description of production and permitted access. 
    • This is a detailed description of the production and any permissions that are being granted to the permittee. It should address the types of activities that will take place, how many people will require access to campus, and what equipment will be used. 
  • "Use Period" (Dates and times of use). 
    • The date and times permittee requires access, including for any set up and takedown times. 
  • Specific University facilities or space that will be used ("Premises"). 
    • The space that will be used including both indoor and outdoor locations. Anything not listed will be outside the scope of permission. 

Marketing and Communications will then evaluate and approval language to be added to the agreement.