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Application Questions:

How do I get an application?

When are applications available?

When are applications due?

May I send my PA Program application directly to you?

How many people apply to the PA Program?

How are applications reviewed?

What degree does the Idaho State University Department of Physician Assistant Studies offer?

Do I need a bachelor's degree to enter the Program?

What major does the Program prefer?

Prerequisite Questions:

What courses are required for admission?

Can prerequisite courses be taken online?

What courses at Idaho State University meet the prerequisite requirements?

Do you have a list of my institution's courses that meet your prerequisite requirements?

Can prerequisite courses be substituted with other, similar courses?

Will Organic Chemistry, Introduction to Organic & Biochemistry, or Introduction to Bio-Organic Chemistry meet the Biochemistry prerequisite?

Will Introduction to Psychology or General Psychology meet the Abnormal Psychology or Developmental Psychology Through the Lifespan prerequisite?

What kinds of Statistics courses will meet the Statistics prerequisite?

May I have prerequisites in progress at the time of application?

Are any exceptions made for the semesters impacted by COVID-19?

What grades are required on prerequisite courses?

How are grades for retaken prerequisite courses calculated?

What grades are required on prerequisite courses?

How important is my GPA?

Experience Questions:

What kind of health care or patient care are you looking for?

GRE Questions:

Do I have to take the GRE?

What minimum score is required on the GRE?

Do I need to take a subject test for the GRE?

Can I substitute the MCAT or PCAT for the GRE instead?

Program Cost & Financial Aid Questions:

How much does the Program cost?

Is financial aid available?

How are "Program Fees" used?

Is there on-campus housing?

General Questions:

Is the Idaho State University PA Program accredited?

How many students/graduates have passed the NCCPA (PANCE) exam?

How many students are accepted each year?

How do I apply for a seat on just one campus?

Will a felony, misdemeanor, or withheld judgment prevent me from applying to the Program?

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