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Clinical Year Courses

Criminal Background Checks:
As part of the clinical year program students are placed in off-campus sites for clinical training. Clinical training sites may require criminal background checks prior to placement at that facility. Conviction of a felony, misdemeanor or withheld judgment may result in a student being denied a clinical assignment which, in turn, may cause the student to be unable to complete the program. Further, conviction of a felony, misdemeanor or withheld judgment may prevent a student from obtaining licensure as a Physician Assistant. Licensure laws vary by state.

For example, some clinical sites specify the following regarding student background checks:

The student may not have a history or criminal record (including conviction, plea agreement, withheld judgment, or pending charges) concerning any of the following crimes (felony or misdemeanor): (1) sexual assault, rape, indecent exposure, lewd and lascivious behavior, or any crime involving non-consensual sexual conduct; (2) child abuse or neglect, sexual exploitation of children, child abduction, contributing to the delinquency or neglect of a child, enticing a child for immoral purposes, exposing a minor to pornography or other harmful materials, incest, or any other crime involving children as victims or participants; (3) vulnerable adult abuse, neglect, or exploitation; (4) homicide or manslaughter; (5) assault or battery occurring within the prior seven years; (6) drug trafficking or other offenses involving narcotics, alcohol or controlled substances during the prior five years; (7) theft, embezzlement, fraud, or other crimes involving dishonesty committed during the prior five years; (8) driving under the influence during the prior two years if the Student's duties in the Program may involve driving; and (9) any felony conviction.

PAS 6661 Clinical Rotation I 4 cr
PAS 6662 Clinical Rotation II 4 cr
PAS 6663 Clinical Rotation III 4 cr
PAS 6664 Clinical Rotation IV 4 cr
PAS 6665 Clinical Rotation V 4 cr
PAS 6666 Clinical Rotation VI 4 cr
PAS 6667 Clinical Rotation VII 4 cr
PAS 6668 Clinical Rotation VIII 4 cr
PAS 6671 Capstone Assessment I 2 cr
PAS 6672 Capstone Assessment II 1 cr
PAS 6673 Capstone Assessment III 1 cr

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