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Prerequisite Requirements from Idaho State University

This is a list of the Idaho State University courses that will meet the program's prerequisite requirements. These courses have prerequisite requirements. Please consult with an ISU Pre-Health Professions Advisor to determine if additional course work is required. Contact the ISU PA Program at 208-282-4726 if you have any questions.

**Indicates ISU requires a co-requisite lab.

Click on each course below to view each qualifying Idaho State course.

  • BIOL 2221 Introductory Microbiology**, OR
  • BIOL 2235 General Microbiology**
  • BIOL 4432 Biochemistry, OR
  • BIOL 4445 Biochemistry I OR
  • BIOL 4447 Biochemistry II, OR
  • NTD 4461 Nutritional Biochemistry I, OR
  • NTD 4485 Nutritional Biochemistry II
  • BIOL 2227 Human Anatomy and Physiology I ** AND
  • BIOL 2228 Human Anatomy and Physiology II **


  • BIOL 3301 Advanced Human Anatomy & Physiology I** AND
  • BIOL 3302 Advanced Human Anatomy & Physiology II**
  • PSYC 3301 Abnormal Psychology I, OR
  • Developmental Psychology through the Lifespan which requires all three of the following courses:
    1. PSYC 2225 Child Development AND
    2. PSYC 3332 Psychology of Adolescence AND
    3. PSYC 3344 Adult Development & Aging
  • MATH 1153 Introduction to Statistics, OR
  • MATH 3350 Statistical Methods, OR
  • PSYC 2227 Basic Statistics, OR
  • SOC 3309 Social Statistics

Highly Recommended Courses:

(Please note: This list is not meant to be all-encompassing and includes suggestions only. Check the undergraduate catalog for course availability.)

  • Upper level biology courses such as:
    • Advanced Anatomy (BIOL 4420 Musculo-Skeletal Anatomy, BIOL 4470 Cross-Sectional Anatomy)
    • Advanced Human Physiology (BIOL 3304 Comparative Functional Morphology and Physiology, BIOL 4449 - Human Physiology I, BIOL 4456 Human Physiology II, BIOL 4464 Lectures in Human Physiology, BIOL 4486 Human Systemic Physiology
    • Immunology (BIOL 4451 Immunology, BIOL 4454 Advanced Immunology)
    • Genetics (BIOL 3358 Genetics, BIOL 4461 Advanced Genetics)
    • Endocrinology (BIOL 4443 Endocrinology)
  • Other health-related courses from departments such as Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, Health Education, and Gender Studies.
  • Proficiency in a foreign language, especially Spanish

Computer Literacy

All applicants are expected to possess computer literacy (either through course work or experience) which includes a basic understanding of the operation of a Windows pc, word processing, file management, spreadsheets, and the Internet.

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