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Prospective Students

ISU is where your future begins. You can receive a first-rate education at an exceptional value. The education you'll receive at ISU will prepare you for your future career in any area of civil engineering.

  • At ISU you'll receive one-on-one attention. All of our faculty are dedicated to the success of their students.
  • The ISU Civil Engineering Program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, Inc.
  • Please see a Civil and Environmental Engineering Faculty member for help with advising. 


 Becoming an ISU Student


 Course Fees

CE 1105 $85.00 AutoCAD software license fee and printing
CE 1120 $5.00 Printing and misc. items for the class projects
CE 3301 $20.00 Copies, fuel for vehicle to transport students, and printing student assignments
CE 3337 $50.00 Materials and supplies and future small (not major) equipment
CE 3351 $25.00 Hydrology software, part of the Bentley
CE 3362 $25.00 Structural analysis software as part of Bentley software package
CE 3367 $50.00 Materials and supplies and future small (not major) equipment
CE 4435/5535 $25.00 Hydraulic Design software, part of Bentley software package
CE 4431/5531 $25.00 ANSYS software license
CE 4481 $80.00 ANSYS software license (undergraduate Finite Element Methods class)
CE 4496B $50.00 Engineering lab software, printing reports, etc.
CE 6665 $80.00 ANSYS software license
ENVE 4409/5509 $50.00 Chemicals & consumables
ENVE 4499/5599 $60.00 Chemicals & consumables
ENVE 6611 $50.00 Chemicals & consumables