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Disaster Response Complex (DRC)

The Disaster Response Complex at Idaho State is a unique facility recently added to the university’s research portfolio. It was created with a nearly $1.1 million grant from the Higher Education Research Council of the Idaho State Board of Education through the Idaho Global Entrepreneurial Mission. It is comprised of three focus areas:

  • Research
  • Curriculum and Certification
  • Training and Exercise


The Research aspect of the Disaster Response Complex (DRC) is focused on providing training for emergency responders and provides hands-on experience in a wide range of research areas, including:

  • Design of training lanes using precast concrete to simulate various emergency scenarios
  • The development of multiple emergency scenarios using experience and knowledge from disaster zones
  • Training using virtual and augmented realities
  • The use of GIS in emergency response
  • The use of robotics in emergency response in confined or hazardous conditions

Curriculum & Certification

The second focus of the DRC, Curriculum and Certification, in which ISU plays a major role to bring it into practice. Curriculum and Certification includes:

  • Development of curriculum in emergency response
  • Offering courses in emergency response training
  • Certification of first responders
  • Offering additional more expansive coursework to existing ISU majors

Training & Exercise

The third aspect of the DRC, Training and Exercise, focuses on making the facilities available to interested parties to host and conduct various trainings and exercises.