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Concrete and Asphalt Lab

The Concrete and Asphalt lab includes all necessary equipment for concrete mix design, aggregate gradation, preparation of samples, and destructive or non-destructive testing equipment for determining the mechanical properties of concrete. The lab is also capable of preparing asphalt samples and testing.

 The Concrete lab consists of:

  • Gilson Concrete Compression Machine (Hveem-N-Beam Tester) with Pro Controller, 60 kips capacity, and 2.5" stroke
  • Three concrete mixers
  • ASTM Test Fixture for 4-point bending test
  • Emodumeter (E-Meter) for Modulus of Elasticity
  • ASTM Shrinkage Testing Apparatus
  • Compressometer/Extensometer for Poisson ratio for concrete
  • Multiple complete sets of sieves
  • Concrete Cylinder Capping Components
  • Fog Room includes Concrete Curing Tank and Curing Tank Heater
  • Caron Freeze-Thaw Chamber
  • Aggregate drying oven
  • Specific Gravity & Absorption of Fine Aggregate Set
  • Fine Aggregate Angularity Apparatus
  • Four-Station Proportional Caliper
  • Quick Release Powder Kit for Unbonded Capping Sets
  • 4 in. Steel Retainer Set and Neoprene Pad, 60 Durometer
  • Plenty of metal cylindrical/cubic molds (different sizes)
  • Three steel concrete beam mold


 The Asphalt lab consists of:

  • California Kneading Compactor: Cox & Sons Kneading Compactor
  • Caron Freeze-Thaw Chamber
  • Hveem Stabilometer
  • Oven (Capable of Maintaining a Temperature Of 140 Degrees Fahrenheit)
  • 12qt. Digital Melting Pot
  • Spoons, pots, and other accessories