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Water Resources Laboratory

  • Over 3000 sq ft of floor space for physical modeling and component testing
  • Integrated piping capability of a variety of configurations
  • Four different pumps with varying capacity; maximum flow rate of 4500 gpm; maximum head 175 ft.
  • Tiltable flume (4 ft wide x 1.5 ft x 39 ft long) up to 10 degrees with expansion sides to 4 ft deep.
  • Sedimentation recirculation on tiltable flume
  • Sontek Flowtracker Handheld ADV probe
  • Streampro ADCP velocity meter system
  • Two 12-inch electromagnetic flow meter
  • Two 8-inch electromagnetic flow meters
  • Component pressure testing tank
  • Instrumentation for pressures and water surface location
  • Recirculating water storage
  • Flume instrumentation
  • Equipment for constructing physical models

Faculty Contact Information:


Bruce Savage

Ph.D., P.E. - Professor and Chair

Office: Colonial Hall 221