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Structural LAB (SLAB)

This is a brand new lab for large-scale testing and is a unique facility in Idaho.

  • Capable of testing specimens up to 38 ft. in length and 14 ft. height
  • Total Lab Area = 1520 sq. ft
  • Strong floor is 2 ft. deep and 875 sq. ft of structural floor
  • 374 anchor sleeves (each rated 100 kips) in grids of 18in
  • The hydraulic actuators can collectively produce force of 1.3 million lbs.
  • Heavy duty steel reaction frames designed for 400 kips loading
  • Dual servo-valve hydraulic actuators (static and dynamic), each with 160 kips capacity and ±12”stroke
  • Fatigue testing machine and frame with servo-valve MTS hydraulic actuator (22 kips capacity, ±3” stroke, 31 in/sec velocity, up to 50 Hz frequency)
  • Tinius Olsen Universal Testing Machine, 120 kips capacity and ±12” stroke
  • Enerpac ram, 440 kips capacity, and 6” stroke
  • Hydraforce hollow ram, 220 kips capacity, and 3” stroke
  • Six servo-valve hydraulic actuators (static) with 10 kips capacity and ±4” stroke
  • Several hydraulic pumps, jacks, and accessories
  • Controller system for hydraulic actuators with data acquisition for 20 channels
  • Brand new Campbell Scientific data acquisition system with 96 channels, and up to 800 Hz sampling rate
  • Vishay data acquisition system (20 channels)
  • Creep Testing Machine and Frame
  • Forklift, 5 kips capacity, and 83” clearance
  • Gantry crane, 8 kips capacity, and 144” clearance
  • High Resolution Camera
  • Several load cells, up to 300 kips capacity
  • Accelerometers, Load Cells, LVDTs, Potentiometers, and Strain Gauges

New additions to the laboratory include:

  • Two 225-kip tension compression hollow Interface load cells
  • 12 cube concrete mixer
  • 10,000 lb. forklift
  • 200-ton 12" stroke hydraulic cylinder
  • 100-ton 4" hollow hydraulic cylinder
  • Five desktop computers
  • Three laptop computers
  • Campbell Scientific DAQ system, CR6 Datalogger, 3 CDM A116
  • 3000 PSI 6 gallons per minute pump
  • 2.5-million-pound isolation frame for compression testing of high capacity components
  • 1200-ton Trompler Fluid Power hydraulic cylinder
  • 10,000 PSI hydraulic pump
  • 2.5-million-pound Interface load cell

Faculty Contact Information:

Mustafa Mashal

Mustafa Mashal

Ph.D., P.E., CPEng, IntPE(NZ), F.SEI – Professor, Associate Director of CAES, Director of Disaster Response Complex & Structural Lab

Office: Center for Advanced Energy Studies 286, Colonial Hall 218

(208) 282–4587



Arya Ebrahimpour

Ph.D., P.E. - Professor and Director of M.S. Program in Civil Engineering

Office: Colonial Hall 224



Jared Cantrell

Research Engineer - Lab Manager

Office: ERC 121