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Computers & Projectors

We will use the student and instructor computers many times over the course of the semester. It is important to familiarize yourself with some of the issues that may occur during lab.

General   |   Vernier   |   Wireless Peripherals

General Troubleshooting

Vernier Troubleshooting

  • Computer not recognizing Vernier Logger Pro or Vernier sensors: 
    1. unplug Go!Link from computer,
    2. unplug sensor from Go!Link,
    3. restart (not just Logging off) computer.
  • Logger Pro/Sensor not taking readings:
    1. close (not just minimize) the Logger Pro software,
    2. unplug Go!Link from computer,
    3. unplug sensor from Go!Link,
    4. open Logger Pro cmbl file needed for the exercise.
    5. plug  in Go!Link to the computer,
    6. plug in the sensor to the Go!Link,
  • Vernier sensor readings seem inaccurate: please read of the Vernier section for the correct sensor type.

Wireless Peripherals (LS 261/CHE 107)

  • Computer stations:
    • One EagleTec wireless keyboard and mouse with required USB receiver for connectivity per station.
    • Tower, monitor, keyboard, mouse, USB receiver are labeled for each station: 1-9 (Poc) or 1-6 (IF)
    • The USB receiver required for connectivity must stay plugged into the USB port of the correct station. It is labeled and connected to the USB port.
    • At the beginning of each lab check that the correct mouse/keyboard are with the correct computer.
  • No connectivity on keyboard or mouse: check that batteries and change if discharged
  • No keyboard connectivity: 
    1. unplug USB receiver,
    2. reinsert USB receiver,
    3. press and hold Esc + K on the keyboard for 2 seconds.
  • No mouse connectivity: 
    1. unplug USB receiver,
    2. reinsert USB receiver,
    3. press and hold the middle and right mouse button for 3 seconds.
  • Please read the EagleTec Manual for wireless keyboard and mouse sets to trouble shoot any other issues.