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Time Management

Lab Time Use  |  Contract HoursHours Breakdown

Lab Time Use

A It is very important that you arrive to lab at least 10 minutes before the scheduled lab time. This will allow you to be prepared for administration of assigned seating and the pre-quiz.
B DO NOT use your phone during lab. Please put it away. The students are not allowed to use their phones during lab and you need to lead by example.
C Have the students complete all exercises in their task sheets before the end of lab (unless otherwise indicated in the task sheet).
D Do not have students skip sections in the task sheet because you want to leave lab early.
E Do not use lab time for grading.
F Do not work on your own projects during lab time.
G Follow up discussions can be given at the end of lab when everybody has completed the task sheet.

Contract Hours

Adjunct, GTA, and CPI instructor contracts are 18 weeks long; summer session teaching appointments are 4 to 8 weeks long. It is contractually expected that instructors;  teach all the labs they are on contract for, grade all assignments, attend instructor meetings, proctor exams, and participate in tutoring/office hours.

Weeks 18
Hours/week 19
Hours/semester 342

 Hours Breakdown (contracted semester)

Teaching in lab <84
Instructor meetings <24
Grading <140
Lab preparation - reading task sheets, taking the training quizzes, creating student quizzes and presentations, going to your lab section at least 10 minutes before the lab time begins  <80
Reading/responding to emails and having 'by appointment' tutoring/office hours <14
Exam proctoring  1
Total  342