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Lab Decorum & Rules

  1. Idaho State University requires all faculty, staff, and students to wear face coverings indoors––regardless of vaccination status––unless alone in a private office, campus residence, or workspace. This on-campus face-covering requirement for indoor spaces will be reviewed every two weeks and removed as the local situation improves. This precaution will allow us to maintain a safe classroom environment, continue face-to-face instruction, and meet our shared duty to care for others in our community.  Everyone is expected to adhere to CDC guidelines. The University also strongly encourages all individuals to receive a COVID-19 vaccine. Students who are experiencing COVID-19-like illness should NOT come to class and should contact the COVID Health Committee at or (208) 282-2705. All confirmed cases of COVID-19 should be provided to the COVID Health Committee on the self-reporting form. All students are required to fully participate in the university’s contact tracing process and follow all instructions related to quarantine and isolation.
  2. No food or drink allowed.
  3. Mobile electronic devices (excluding the ISU lab computers and equipment) are NOT allowed in the lab. If a student has one on his/her person OR anywhere near their seat they will receive a zero on their quiz and/or task sheet. They must be placed in your bag or coat and stored on the shelves provided.
  4. Standard lab attire is required:
    • work shirt that covers the upper torso and arms
    • lower body clothing that covers the leg to the knee (e.g., pants, skirt, coveralls, lab coat) and fully protects exposed skin, and
    • shoes that have a closed toe AND heel (i.e. NO flip flops or sandals).
  5. Long hair must be restrained (i.e., braided, tied in a pony tail, etc.) for safety reasons.
  6. Random assigned seating is required during each lab.
  7. Before and after each lab, wipe down all student benches, computer keyboard and mouse, microscope knobs and eyepieces, and all other equipment that is touched during lab with the correct cleaning supplies.
  8. Instructors must also wipe down the instructor benches, computer keyboard and mouse, microscope knobs and eyepieces, projector remote, as well as any other equipment they use during lab the correct cleaning supplies.
  9. Participation in lab is required. If the lab instructor observes that a student is not actively participating in the completion of the task sheet, the student will receive a zero on the task sheet.
  10. Notify your instructor of unsafe conditions such as broken glassware or water on the floor.
  11. Never pour chemical reagents down the sink drain unless instructed to do so.