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Chemical/Glassware Use

A Read the Safety Data Sheets for the chemicals being used in the laboratory. Print copies can be found in each teaching laboratory.
B Do not get chemicals on skin or clothing. If you do, wash them off and notify your instructor.
C All containers of chemicals, including water, MUST be labeled to prevent accidents and facilitate disposal.
D Never pour chemical reagents down the sink drain unless instructed to do so. Place used or waste chemicals in chemical waste containers and correctly label with the Chemical Waste Form.
E Gloves and goggles must be worn when working with specific chemicals or specimens that have been preserved in formalin.
F Broken glass, razor blades, syringes and needles are to be disposed of in the appropriate containers, i.e. broken glass boxes and sharps containers. DO NOT PUT ANYTHING SHARP IN THE WASTE BASKETS!
G Notify your instructor of unsafe conditions such as broken glassware, spilled chemicals, or water on the floor. Instructors will clean up the glassware or spill.