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Waste Material

Sharps Broken glass, razor blades, syringes and needles are to be disposed of in the appropriate containers, i.e. broken glass boxes and sharps containers. DO NOT PUT ANYTHING SHARP IN THE WASTE BASKETS!

Chemical Waste Place used or waste chemicals in chemical waste containers and correctly label with the Chemical Waste Form.

Animals There are specific instructions for disposing of dissected animals.

  1. Place dissected animals in the appropriate bag.
  2. Once all animals are in the bag, weigh the bag.
  3. If it is more than 20 lbs split the contents into two (2) bags.
  4. Seal the bag(s) shut by tying or taping.
  5. Double bag because of leakage - place the sealed bag in another bag and seal.
  6. Using a piece of tape and marker label the bag:
    • Date
    • Types of preserved animals
    • Weight in pounds, not to exceed 20 lbs
    • Your last name
    • Research lab or Course/section #