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Idaho Falls - Lab set up and break down

Before teaching each lab course:

  1. Set up the lab using the supplies in CHE 107 and from the Pocatello tote.
  2. Computers (if used)
  3. Microscopes (if used):
    1. Check Kohler illumination
    2. Clean ocular and objective lenses
    3. Leave in starting position; 4x down, binocular head forward, light off

After teaching each lab course:

  1. CHE 107 supplies -  cleaned and put back where they were found.
  2. Pocatello tote supplies  -  put back in totes and transport back to Pocatello.
  3. Clean and organize:
    • Nothing should be left on student benches or the large lab back benches.
    • Wipe down all benches including student benches (students can do this)
    • Stools need to be placed on the benches seat side down so it will be easier to sweep and mop.
    • Empty the garbage into the large container cart in the hallway.
    • Use the broom and mop to clean up any major messes on the floors.
  4. Microscopes:
    • Put away (students can do this).
    • Lock the microscope cabinet and place the key in its storage location.
  5. Turn off and unplug the hot water bath if it was used during lab.