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Monitoring Your Grant Budget

Resources Available to Assist on Your Sponsored Project:

  • BengalWeb
    • Approve purchases for online requisitions
    • Check budget and expenditure information
    • View documents for expenditures
    • Receive alerts when your project is nearing completion
    • Access Argos reports
  • Argos Reports--Find answers to questions like these below:
    • Payroll information
      • Who is being paid on my sponsored project?
      • How much salary is being charged per person?
      • Which index is an employee being charged to?
    • Cash Balance on an Index/Fund
    • Grant Information
      • What are the effective dates for my project?
      • What does the budget look like?
      • What expenses have come through so far?
    • Which indexes are my indirect cost recovery funds going to?
    • What purchases have been made on my index using a pcard?