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Higher Education Research Council

Idaho Global Entrepreneurial Mission Initiative


Funding under this program will be awarded for competitive state university research in support of the goals of the IGEM initiative. These funds are to be used as seed funding for strengthening Idaho’s future by strategically investing in the development of expertise, products, and services which result in state economic growth.

Selected project proposals will be in alignment with the statewide higher education research strategic plan and will leverage the talents and expertise of Idaho’s research universities and the private sector to further the economic vitality of the state; they will create a platform to facilitate and accelerate the transfer of technology out of Idaho’s public state research facilities and into the private sector; and they will create new ideas, products and companies that lead to higher-paying jobs and a strong economic foundation for Idaho.

Priority will be granted to those proposals that can show a strong collaborative effort between institutions as well as the private sector or exhibit high potential for near term technology transfer to the private sector. 

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Limit on Proposals

IGEM-HERC restricts the number of proposals Idaho State University may submit to three.

Important Dates and Deadlines 

November 8, 2021

Concept paper due to Sponsored Programs

November 15, 2021

Anticipated date that applicants will be notified of internal competition results. An Internal Selection Committee will review the concept papers and recommend the nominee to the VPR. The VPR makes the final decision. 

January 14, 2022

Proposal fully routed and approved in Cayuse

February 1, 2022 (5:00 pm)

Agency deadline

Concept paper submission portal

Please submit your concept paper here.

Concept paper guidelines

The concept paper should address the following:

  1. Project Narrative:
    1. Project summary: Provide a summary of the proposed project. (250 word limit)
    2. Aims and objectives: Describe the goals of the proposed project.(250 word limit)
    3. Potential to develop expertise, products and services that will increase the competitiveness of Idaho. (100 word limit)
    4. Likelihood the project will result in expanding current business and/or help create new business activities in Idaho. (100 word limit)
    5. Likelihood that the project will result in significant contributions to the field, the institution, and to the needs of the state as defined in the higher education research strategic plan. (100 word limit)
    6. Likelihood that the project will result in establishment of commercialization partnerships or methods to be used in developing partnerships. (100 word limit)
    7. Plan to move along the TRL spectrum, plan for additional funding mechanisms, and potential for economic development and future return on investment. (100 word limit)
  2. Does the proposal involve ISU Facilities Services?
  3. Does the proposal involve another institution?
  4. Does the proposal involve technology development?
  5. Financial commitments from the institution?
  6. Third party financial commitments?
  7. Institutional commitments?
  8. Names of ISU Co-PI(s).
  9. Supporting documentation:
  10. Biographical Sketch (NIH or NSF approved format)

Proposal Review

An internal committee will be selected based on the expertise needed to review the pre-proposals that are received. The committee will rank and make recommendations to the Acting Vice President for Research, who will make the final decision.


If you have any questions about this process or the IGEM-HERC program in general, please contact Steve Wright at 282-2593 or stevewright@isu.edu