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Faculty Seed Grant Program


The ISU Office for Research Faculty Seed Grant Program is intended to encourage new junior level faculty, as well as existing faculty who are refocusing their research programs, to develop research, scholarly, or creative programs that provide the potential extramural funding and long term professional development. Successful proposals will provide data to support proposals for external funding. Proposals will be accepted from all eligible faculty across all colleges and departments.



Internal Grant Competition Budget Template


NSF Biosketch

NIH BioSketch

NSF Current, Pending and Past Support

NIH Other Support


Important Yearly Dates and Deadlines 

The dates below are yearly. 


March 19st **

Seed grant proposal due to Office for Research Sponsored Programs

May 1st   (approx.)

Award Notifications

May 10th (approx.)

Revised budget and Scope of Work (if required) to Sponsored Programs Award begin date.


May 15th (approx.)

Award begin date.

**Proposals must be submitted through the Internal Grants submission portal by 11:59 pm. The portal can be found on the Office of Sponsored Programs Internal Grant Competitions webpage.  


Seed Grant Application Submission Method

You are required to submit your application in Cayuse SP.

Below is the specific Cayuse SP labeling information for the Faculty Seed Grant Program:

* Sponsor: ISU Internal Faculty Seed Grant Program

* Short Project Name: ISU FSGP: Title of your proposal 

Activity Code: Internal Grant

* Title of Project: ISU FSGP: Title of your proposal 

ISGP Cayuse instructions 


If you have any questions concerning the guidelines or the proposal and review process, please contact the Office of Sponsored Programs & Support, within the Office for Research: Dave Harris (harrdave@isu.edu) and/or Steve Wright (wrigstep@isu.edu).

Previously funded Seed Grants


Kinta Serve Biological Sciences CoSE Examining sex-effects on mesothelial and immune cells in a model of peritonitis
Peter Sheridan Biological Sciences CoSE Isolation and Characterization of Novel Bacteriphage Capable of Lysing Pathogenic Escherichia coli
Anirban Chakraborty Biological Sciences CoSE THERMOSPORE – unraveling the ecophysiology of thermophilic bacterial endospores in marine sediments associated with subsurface fluid discharge
James Groome Biological Sciences CoSE Genotype to Phenotype - Sodium Channel Mutations in Epilepsy
Gustavo  Gonzalez-Cuevas Department of Clinical Psychopharmacology COP Shared Risk Link of Acetaminophen and Cannabidiol for Autism and ADHD
Danny Xu Biomeical and Pharmaceutical Sciences COP Novel Ototoxicity Associated with COVID-19 Therapeutics
Susan  Tavernier School of Nursing COH Cultivating Strong Leaders in Nursing
John Dudgeon Anthropology CAL A Novel Method for High-Precision Analysis of Degraded and Archaeological Sediments using Simultaneous Thermal Analysis Mass Spectrometry (STA-MS)
Samuel Peer Psychology CAL Parent-Child Interaction Therapy for Middle Childhood: Pilot Trial with Quasi-Experimental Control and Protocol Manual 
Samantha  Blatt Anthropology CAL TRANScending Jane and John Doe: Informed Strategies and Capacity Building for Forensic Identification of Transgender and Non-Binary Decedents
Sarah Ebel Anthropology CAL Barriers and Opportunities for adaptation to socio-ecological change: Mapping exclusion and environmental privilege in Teton Valley, Idaho
Laura Ahola-Young Art CAL Art and Science Collaboration
Curt Anderson Biological Sciences CoSE The role of mindfulness in cognitive efforts to improve neuroplasticity and ultimately academic outcomes
Devaleena Pradhan Biological Sciences CoSE Mechanisms regulating phenotypic plasticity in a highly social hermaphroditic fish
Benjamin Crosby Geosciences CoSE Detecting Topographic Change in Yellowstone: Landslides, Faults and Volcanoes...Oh My!
Irene van Woerden Community and Public Health KDHS Alternative high school students social network and health behaviors and outcomes
Daniel LaBrier Physics, Nuclear, & Electrical Engineering CoSE Development of a Thermal Stress and Fatigue Center at Idaho State University
Talia Sierra Physician Assistant Studies KDHS Exploring Burnout in Physician Assistants and Physician Assistant Students
Paul Stonaha Physics, Nuclear, & Electrical Engineering CoSE Exploring Photonic Properties of Non-Uniform Porous Anodic Alumina Membranes
Danny Xu Biomedical & Pharmaceutical Sciences KDHS A Novel Zebrafish Model for Studying Noise-Induced Hearing Loss
Solomon Leung Civil & Environmental Engineering CoSE Fast Response Biosensor for Detection of COVID-19 DNA
Melika Shirmohammadi Organizational Learning & Performance COE Challenges and Strategies of Combining Work and Home during COVID-19 Pandemic: Experiences of Dual-Earner Parents with School-age Children
Kathleen Diehl Theatre & Dance CAL Creativity, community and wellness: An exploration of the relationship between phenomenology, dance, and laban movement analysis
Prabha  Awale Pharmacy KDHS Depleted microglia and neural development in a valproic acid model of autism
Kumari Kavita  Sharma Chemistry COSE Fundamental study on desulfurization of petroleum using synthesized novel ionic liquid and betaines moieties
Philip Homan Library   The equine middle passage of the transatlantic horse trade: American horses and mules for the anglo-boer war
Evan Papa PT/OT KDHS Influence of gender disparities on mobility and fall risk following community based group exercise in Parkinson’s disease
Terry Ownby Communication , Media, & Persuasion CAL Hidden in plain view: the missile next door
Srinath Pashikanti Pharmacy KDHS Discovery, synthesis of probes targeting sphingomyelin synthase, a crucial enzyme involved in ceramide metabolism
Anish Sebastian Mechanical Engineering CoSE Plant Virus Detection using Multi-Agent Robotic Sensing and Learning Collaborative System
Velma Payne Health Informatics COB Assessing the Value and Current State of Health Information Technology In Rural Idaho Healthcare Organizations 
Dan Dale Physics CoSE A New Approach to Post Detonation Nuclear Forensics
Ali Habashi Biomedical & Pharm Sciences KDHS Inhibiting the Activated Renin-Angiotensin System in an Advanced Form of Osteosarcoma
Gina Clarkson Nursing KDHS Father Involvement over time: Experiences of Father who parented their NICU infants
Elizabeth Brunner Comm, Media, Persuasion CAL Ziran: China’s Changing Concept of Nature & Environmental Impacts