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Preparing and Submitting a Proposal

Overview and Procedure

It is an important function of the Office for Sponsored Programs and Support to determine that proposals do not commit ISU in any way that opposes the University’s role and mission. To protect both the Project Director/Principal Investigator and the University, a review process has been established. 

If you need any assistance with preparing or submitting a proposal, please contact us at (208) 282-2592. Further, more information about OSP can be found on the Office for Research YouTube channel.

5 Key Components for Preparing and Submitting Proposals to External Sponsors

1. Roles and Responsibilities

Understand the roles and responsibilities of all the players, including the PI, research staff, and finance & administration personnel. 

2. Institutional Profile and Fiscal Data

ISU information is often required for grant applications and forms:

Authorized Organization Representative (AOR) and Signing Official: Dave B. Harris, Assistant Vice President for Research

Research Integrity Officer (RIO): Chuck Rizzo, Research Integrity & Compliance Director

Organizational DUNS: 078341468


SAMS renewal date: 10/25/2023

CAGE Code: 0TZW4

EIN: 82-6000924

Congressional District: ID-002

Cognizant Federal Agency (Agency Name, POC Name, and POC Phone Number) - Department of Health and Human Services, Arif Karim, (415) 437-7820

3. Proposal Preparation Basics

Developing a grant proposal consists of several steps. 

4. Research Compliance

There are research compliance issues you need to be aware of as you develop your proposal. Many external funders want verification of some compliance issues at the time of proposal submission. Others will wait until you are awarded funds. Be sure you know what details need to be verified, and when during the proposal cycle.

A couple of issues to think about before proposal submission:

* Does your grant proposal include the use of animals that will be housed in the ISU Pocatello animal facility? If yes, fill out the Animal Facility Use Request Form to notify the facility of your plans.

* Do the proposal guidelines or certifications and representations mention limiting your ability to publish your research or limit the nationality of persons you can hire? If yes, contact the Export Control Officer at orexpctr@isu.edu.

*Are you applying to NSF and will be paying students? If yes, they will be required to attend CITI Responsible Conduct of Research training

*If you are using controlled substances in your research you must register with the DEA and the state of Idaho. Visit the Use of Controlled Substances in Research webpage for more information. 

5. Budget Development

The budget must include standard University fringe benefit rates and appropriate indirect cost rates (IDC’s).

6. ISU Approval and Submission

All proposals for external support of research, creative, instructional, service activities, and other scholarly projects must be routed through the Division for Sponsored Programs and Support with an ISU Proposal Approval and Routing Form within five (5) working days before the submission due date.