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Data Management Plan helpful information

Many external funding agencies now require data management or data sharing plans as part of the grant proposal. Although ISU does not have any official policies on data sharing or data management, we have put together the following information to help you with this new requirement.
Data management plans (DMP) are a useful tool to help organize your research work. These plans specify the data you intend to collect, how they will be shared amongst collaborators, and how they will be archived for access by future researchers. Having a plan before work begins ensures that everyone
on the research team follows the same guidelines and understands the degree to which data will be shared. The plan also demonstrates to the funding agency that the data will be preserved and accessible after funding has ended, yielding a long-term benefit beyond peer-reviewed publications.
If you are conducting research without external funding, a DMP is not required but still may be a helpful tool for managing your data.


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DMPTool. Create data management plans that meet institutional and funder requirements.


January 25, 2022

NIH Issues New Resources for Implementing the NIH Policy for Data Management and Sharing

NIH continues to work with the research community to ensure we address resource needs associated with the NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy.  Today we are releasing a new set of FAQs on questions we have heard over the past year, and we are also seeking public comment on a new resource for researchers that promotes responsible management and sharing of American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) participant data.

To learn more about the NIH approach to implementing the DMS Policy and next steps, please see the latest “Under the Poliscope” blog post by Dr. Lyric Jorgenson: Gearing Up for 2023: Implementing the NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy

 For questions, contact the NIH Office of Science Policy at SciencePolicy@od.nih.gov.  Also, you can follow us on Twitter: @NIH_OSP