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STFM: New Faculty Scholars Scholarship Webinars (https://www.stfm.org/nfswebinars)

The STFM New Faculty Scholars Scholarship Webinar series was developed as part of the STFM Foundation New Faculty Scholars Program, which develops leadership and scholarship skills in a cohort of early career faculty. The webinars were originally presented directly to the 2020-2021 New Faculty Scholars, but the entire series is now available to the STFM membership for free.  Nancy Pandhi, MD, MPH, PhD, as part of the Scholarly Coaching arm of the New Faculty Scholars, along with Suzanne Minor, MD, FAAFP, Foundation Trustee, developed and coordinated the webinar series to be relevant and inclusive across academic or community family practice settings and applicable regardless of prior experience with scholarship. Faculty leaders across the country generously provided the webinar content on the potential for and practical aspects of scholarship in an academic family medicine career. Click on the tabs below to view webinar recordings and resources. 

Writing in the Sciences (https://www.coursera.org/learn/sciwrite)

This course teaches scientists to become more effective writers, using practical examples and exercises. Topics include: principles of good writing, tricks for writing faster and with less anxiety, the format of a scientific manuscript, peer review, grant writing, ethical issues in scientific publication, and writing for general audiences.


This list will help you identify NEH programs that align with your proposed project. Each NEH program has distinct eligibility requirements; see the relevant Notice of Funding Opportunity. Contact NEH staff listed on the program resource page for additional information.


This timeless article gives prospective applicants the kind of information they might learn from a short but informative conversation with an NEH officer.

Grant writing tips for beginners by Dr. Bill Sullivan (IU), ASBMB post June 2020

10 Tips for writing a successful grant Chronicle Higher Ed 2018

ASM Grant writing online series (webinar, free to ASM members)

Find references:

  1. ai enter a query paper and this site identifies other scientific papers which support or contradict the findings of your query paper

Connected papers (enter a paper and get a graphic of the top related papers), intro post

How to find, apply for, and win a fellowship during your PhD or postdoc 2018 post from Personal Finance for PhDs

NIH All about Grants podcast

NIH Specific Aims page by BioscienceWriters.com (great break down of para 1 & 2)

NSF grants: your grant title matters 2016 NSF blog post

Grant Proposal Support: 2 Sample Budgets, Sample NSF forms (2020), Sample NIH Forms (2020), 2 Sample Proposals  

NSF division of Environmental Biology grant resources post by DEB, NSF

Guide to Responsible Conduct in Research (3rd Ed, free PDF download) Nat’l Academies Press

Choose an award by career stage (NIAID post last reviewed Mar 2018)

How to be a member of a NIH R01 study section HHMI eBook, 2nd edition

NIH grants: predoctoral to postdoctoral 

Fellowship grants (NIAID post last reviewed Feb 2020)

How to write a strong NRSA grant (F31/F32) (Google doc)

F kiosk Individual Fellowships

F30 Individual predoctoral grant for MD/PhD students (Not IC specific)

F31 Individual predoctoral grant for PhD students (Not IC specific)

R36 Dissertation Award

F32 Postdoctoral grant, eligibility (Not IC specific)

NIH Career Development grants

Postdocs’ guide to gaining independence (NIAID post last reviewed Sept 2019)

10 Simple rules for writing a career development grant (PLoS Comp Biol, 2017)

Application advice for K awards (NIAID post last reviewed Jan 2020)

Compilation of K99 and R00 advice (2014 post)

Applying for a K99/R00 award (2012 post with a good outline that is still relevant)

Submitting your R00 proposal to transfer your K99 (2013 post) 

(additional grant tips from same blog)

K kiosk Research Career Development Awards

K22 Mentored Career Transition Award for postdocs with no more than 6 years experience (Not IC specific)

K99/R00 Pathway to Independence Award (Not IC specific)

MOSAIC K99/R00 (announcement PA-19-343) MOSAIC = Maximizing Opportunities for Scientific & Academic Independent Careers to promote diversity. About this mechanism. FAQ. Applicaticant Video (YouTube). 

NIH R grants

R01 PA-20-185 2020 posting

R21 PA-20-195 2020 posting

R35 MIRA for ESI’s (NIGMS) R01-style grant PAR-20-117 Applications due in October (only 1 cycle/yr). Informational video (YouTube) NIGMS mission

Non-NIH grants


 How to write a Wellcome Grant application

Open Grants (a website with submitted full-length grant proposals)

10 Simple rules for developing a successful research proposal in Brazil (PLoS Comp Biol, 2017)

How to get a grant funded outside of academia Roostervane post May 2020

What it’s like sit in on a study section as an early career reviewer (2017 post)

Examples of full length grants

F31 (funded 2015, link to grant and tips) JEFworks Oct 2017


NIH F99/K00 (link to funded grant, tips, personal experience) JEFworks Oct 2018 




Funded NIAID grant examples, also forms/samples/etc (NIAID post last reviewed Feb 2020)

NSF GRFP (funded 2013, link to grant, reviewer comments, and tips) JEFworks Oct 2017

NSF GRFP GoogleDoc of 126 examples from 2019-back to 2008 source: AlexHunterLang.com

Open Grants (a website with submitted full-length grant proposals for NIH, NSF, etc)