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Internal Small Grant Program (ISGP)


The purpose of the Internal Small Grant Program (ISGP) is to expand the capacity for research and creative activity at ISU.   The Office for Research (OR) makes funding available for this program and relies on the ISU Research Council (RC) to make recommendations to the Vice President for Research in as fair and as transparent a way as possible and supports all areas, types and disciplines of research and creative activity by all full-time ISU faculty.  Funding for ISGP comes from Facilities and Administrative (F&A) Costs resulting from external grant and contract funding.

The RC places special emphasis on recommending for funding faculty projects that lead to external funding or some other significant benefit for the researcher or artist and/or the university, which help the applicant get to the “next level” in their research or creative activity.


Internal Small Grant Program - Faculty Guidelines

Internal Grant Competition Budget Template

Prior and Current Support

Abbreviated Vita

Important Yearly Dates and Deadlines

November 1st*
Award notifications will be made as soon as possible
*If dates fall on a weekend or holiday, the proposals are due the following workday at 11:59pm (MDT).

Internal Small Grant Program (ISGP) submission method

New this year. You are required to submit your application in Cayuse SP.

Below is the specific Cayuse SP labeling information for the ISGP:

* Sponsor: ISU Internal Small Grant Program

* Short Project Name: ISU ISGP: Title of your proposal 

Activity Code: Internal Grant

* Title of Project: ISU ISGP: Title of your proposal 

ISGP Cayuse instructions 

Internal Small Grant Program - Faculty Final Report Form


If you have any questions concerning the guidelines, proposal or review process, please contact the Office of Sponsored Programs & Support, within the Office for Research: Dave Harris (harrdave@isu.edu) and/or Steve Wright (wrigstep@isu.edu).

Previously funded ISGP grants

Raphael Njoku History / Global Studies and Languages CAL Queen Elizabeth II and the Africans: Narrating Decolonization, Postwar Commonwealth, and Africa’s Development, 1947 - Present.
Eddie Ludema Music CAL Binary Brass: New electro-acoustic works for trumpet and friends. Bridging the avant-garde with the familiar.
James Stoutenborough Political Science CAL Grant Writing and Survey Design at the Institute for Science, Technology, and Public Policy at Texas A&M University
Joel Shura Theatre and Dance CAL Give us some space! A venture into expanding the ISU New 10-Minute Play Festival
JongHun Sung Human Performance and Sport Studies COE Examining the characteristics of the deep cervical flexor muscles dysfunction in people who use wheelchair full-time
Cho Hyun Park Organizational Learning and Performance COE Creating a disability-inclusive workplace: Examining perception of people with physical disabilities
Kristin Van De Griend Community and Behavioral Health COH Healing Motherhood: Intermountain Enhanced Postpartum Care and Screening
Cindy Seiger Physical and Occupational Therapy COH Body Image Perceptions throughout Medical Practitioner Education
Ali  Habashi Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences COP Relationship of Biological Variables, Obesity, Gender, and Age for COVID-19 Patients
Mostafa Fouda Electrical and Computer Engineering CoSE Smart Reconstruction and Analytics of Biomedical Images
Taher Deemyad Mechanical Engineering CoSE A Robotic System for Handling and Packing Fruits in Grocery Stores
Heather Ray Biological Sciences CoSE Mechanisms regulating phenotypic plasticity in a highly social hermaphroditic fish
Paul Bodily Computer Science CoSE Interactive Visualization Tools for Teaching Computer Science Theory
Bryan  Austin Counseling KDHS Value and Efficacy of Certification in Health Professions: A Qualitative Analysis of Counselor Perceptions of the Certified Rehabilitation Counselor Credential 
Cynthia Blanton Nutrition and Dietetics KDHS Impact of hempseed consumption on bone structure and marrow cell populations in growing mice
Mostafa Fouda Electrical and Computer Engineering CoSE Smart Health Monitoring System Using Reservoir Computing and Spintronic Sensors
Fredi (Edna) Giesler Sociology, Social Work & Criminology CAL Mental Wellness Pilot Proposal
Gustavo Gonzalez-Cuevas Biomed and Pharmaceutical Sciences KDHS Developing a new model of post-traumatic stress disorder in zebrafish
Darci  Graves  Sociology, Social Work, and Criminology CAL Funding Support for Qualitative Research on Open-Air Homeless Encampments
Jindra Ines Sociology, Social Work, and Criminology CAL Funding Support for Qualitative Research on Open-Air Homeless Encampments
Shandra Helman Music CAL Bass Clarinet Duo Repertoire: A Commission and Outreach Project
Leekyung Kang  Art department  CAL Exploration of expanded field of printmaking – As a selected artist in Frans Masreel Centrum Artist Residency, Belgium
Susan  Kater SPEL COE Community College Trustees - Mission, Values, and Decision-Making in Uncertain Times
Elizabeth  Kickham Anthropology CAL Enhancing Native American Engagement in An Exploration of Past Research Engagement between the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes and  Idaho State University 
David Lawrimore Department of English & Philosophy CAL The Natural Aristocracy: The Novelist as Intellectual in the Early Republic
Matthew Levay English & Philosophy CAL Looking Old: Anachronism in Contemporary Comics
Liz Moreno-Chuquen Global Studies and Languages CAL Visual Narratives of Afroporteños Presence and Social Prestige in Alexander Witcomb’s Photographic Archive
Thomas Ottaway Computer Information Systems COB BennyBot: A Chatbot Utilizing Open-Source Textbooks
Joshua Pak Chemistry CoSE Urethane Degradation Analysis for Designing Sustainable Plastics
Tracy Payne  Mathematics and Statistics CoSE Generalized Voronoi diagrams
Celal Perihan Teaching & Educational Studies COE Teachers' Awareness and Responses to Anxiety-Related Problems in Children with ASD
Erin Rasmussen Psychology CAL Effects of Food Cues on Food Impulsivity in Binge Eating Prone and Binge Resistant Rats
Renee  Robinson  Pharmacy Practice and Admin Science KDHS Model for Collaboration and Pharmacy Practice Change: Social Network Analysis of COVID Related Response in Idaho and Alaska
Neelam Sharma Communication, Media & Persuasion CAL Social media and political discourse: Analysis of India's prime minister Narendra Modi's strategic use of social media in 2019 elections
Charles Speer Anthropology CAL Territorial Perspectives through Raw Material Sourcing
Irene van Woerden Community and Public Health KDHS College students food costs, dietary quality, and food security status
Hyeri Choi Music CAL Artist Series: Exploring trends in Violin Study and Performance (Korea)
Sarah A. Ebel Anthropology CAL Vulnerability and Adaptive Capacity in Chile’s Fishing Communities
Alan Johnson English & Philosophy CAL Pilgrimage, Sacred Space, and National Identity in Modern Indian Literature, 1880-2020
Anna McCarrey Psychology CAL Request for course release in fall 2020 for grant-writing purposes (R15 NIH grant)
Robert Rieske Psychology CAL Assessing and addressing barriers to diagnosis of developmental disabilities within a northwestern tribal community
Summer Shelton Communication, Media, & Persuasion CAL A New Age of Information Seeking?: Questioning the Need for a Call-to-Action Message for Millennial and Gen Z Consumers
Amir Ali Nuclear Engineering CoSE Temperature Effects on Surface Wettability and Critical Heat Flux Prediction of Accident Tolerant Fuel (ATF)
Caryn Evilia Chemistry CoSE Microbial Profiling of the Northern Arm of the Great Salt Lake
Andrew Holland Chemistry CoSE Molecular Precursors for Earth Abundant Semiconducting Nanomaterials
Keith  Reinhardt Biology CoSE Quantifying the effects of cloud-fog on carbon and water relations at leaf to ecosystem scales
Jennifer Blaney School Psychology & Educational Leadership CoE Advancing Equity in Computing and Engineering: The Role of Community College Transfer in Broadening Participation 
D. Jasun Carr Communication, Media, & Persuasion CAL Development of a Multidimensional Scale of Social Media Trust
Erika Fulton Psychology CAL Effects of Caffeine & Beliefs About Caffeine on Metacomprehension
Ruiling Guo Management CoB National Trends in Mortality and Direct Medical Costs of Hospitalization in Female Patients with COPD in the United States: An Analysis of the National Inpatient Sample 2007-2016
Bethany Hurst English & Philosophy CAL Ruins of the New West: Two Lyric Essays
Edward Kammerer Political Science CAL The Politics of LGBT Pride Festivals: History and Trends
Leekyung Kang Art CAL Post-print culture and definition of the field of printmaking
Diana Livingston Friedley Music CAL Vocal-Instrumental Music of Howard Boatwright
Evan Rodriguez English & Philosophy CAL The Open Republic Project: Translation and Commentary for the 21st Century
Victoria Scharp Communication Sciences & Disorders KDHS Modified Intensive Aphasia Program Patient Outcomes
Marco Schoen Mechanical Engineering CoSE Jet Engine Research Facility
Joshua Swift Psychology CAL Stigma and Preferences for Mental Health Treatments in Taiwan