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Recently, ISU has decided to apply for an Idaho-centered NIH IDeA Clinical & Translational Research Development (CTR-D) grant in partnership with Boise State University, the University of Idaho, St. Luke’s, and the Idaho Veterans Research and Education Foundation. “CTR-D awards are intended to build a foundation of clinical and translational research expertise and infrastructure that will enable recipients to conduct research on diseases and health challenges faced by the populations they serve,” (NIH PAR-23-257). The decision and application timeframes for applying for the CTR-D are very short. The ISU Office for Research made an informed decision that we believe will serve ISU researchers very well in the years to come. For example, if funded, the Idaho CTR-D program will provide opportunities for ISU faculty to apply for pilot project and developmental project grants in clinical and translational health; opportunities for professional development activities; opportunities with community engagement and outreach with health partners; and infrastructure and support for study design, compliance, and data management in clinical and translational research. We see this as a real opportunity to grow ISU’s clinical and translational research capacity and infrastructure in a way that fits with our designation as the statewide leader for training and education in health care.

The NIH has dictated that to apply for a CTR-D grant, an institution must relinquish ongoing CTR-IN partnerships with other organizations. Thus, by applying for an Idaho-centered CTR-D grant, we recognize the consequences of relinquishing our current partnership with the MW-CTR-IN (UNLV), but believe that establishing an Idaho CTR-D program is the best long-term strategy for expanding clinical and translational research efforts at ISU and for meeting the health care needs of the population in our state. We consulted with MW-CTR-IN leadership and are assured that ISU and UNLV will continue to work together, though not as sub-awardees on the MW-CTR-IN grant. Options for pilot applications and core site directors are currently being discussed. To be clear, ISU will no longer be part of the MW-CTR-IN program due to our role in the Idaho CTR-D application. The CTR-D application is due in early November.

If you have questions at this time or would like to discuss this with further, please reach out to Michele Brumley, Associate Vice President for Research (michelebrumley@isu.edu).

Martin Blair
ISU Vice President for Research and Economic Development
Michele Brumley