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Sole Source

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In most circumstances, Idaho State University will purchase material, equipment, supplies, and services via competitive means. However, the University may forgo the competitive/solicitation process and approve sole source procurements provided the end-user can adequately demonstrate only one vendor that can provide the good or service. A sole source may be waived if the property is for a life-threatening situation or a situation that puts public welfare or property in immediate danger. In accordance with Idaho State University policy and Idaho Statute, 67-9232, the Purchasing Department shall post notice of any sole source procurement on this website.

Note: If there are no notices listed below then ISU does not have a sole source to consider at this time. 

Dated Posted on the Web

May 20, 2024 8 AM MT

Sole Source Procurement
between ISU and..

Waters TA Instruments


Product or Service
of Sole Source:

 Instrument Repair

Date Removed
From The Web

May 23, 2024 8 AM MT

The Purchasing Director has determined that there is only one vendor qualified to provide this commodity or service.