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Beginning March 1, 2023, all Amazon purchases will now be made through the University's new procurement system known as Jaggaer, using a ghost purchasing card.  To buy from Amazon you will click on the Amazon punch out tile on the Jaggaer shopping dashboard page. You will not use your assigned ISU PCard when buying from Amazon through the Jaggaer System.  All purchases made within Jaggaer will be automatically applied to an ISU ghost card.  Transactions using the ghost card will be automatically reconciled and approved.  No individual card holder reconciliation will be required within the Bank of America system. Charges will be assigned to the correct indexes by the ISU Finance Department.  An announcement will be made notifying all PCard users of the go live date and training will be provided.                                                                         


All PCard users are:

  • Required to abide by all ISU purchasing policies when purchasing with the ISU PCard.
  • Subject to the PCard Policy in addition to the mandatory PCard Training Course.
  • Eligible to apply for a PCard, if you are an ISU faculty or staff member and with department/unit approval.

Oversight for the PCard program is provided by the University PCard Administrator and designated individuals administering the program in each department. The Purchasing Department monitors compliance with the PCard program policies and procedures.


How Do I Get A New PCard?                                               

  1. Fill out a Cardholder Application
  2. Send completed application to Jenny Stilling (
  3. When Purchasing receives the PCard application, an invitation will be sent with instructions on how to take mandatory Moodle training.
  4. After training has been completed, call 282-3112 to set up a time to obtain your new ISU PCard.

Purchasing will process your application as quickly as possible. PCards are normally received within 10 business days.

Authorized PCard Purchases

Unauthorized PCard Purchases

To Report Lost, Stolen or Fraudulent PCards

Compromised PCards

Declined Charges

Changes to your PCard profile or monthly limit

What Do I do if I lost my PIN?

Foreign P-card Purchases

Wendy Holder

Senior Buyer

PCARD Administrator

Office: Purchasing Office


Jenny Stilling

Technical Records Specialist 1

PCARD Support

Office: Purchasing Office


Bonnie Liston

Technical Records Specialist 2

(Backup) PCARD


Office: Purchasing Office