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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A Purchase Requisition is what the requesting department submits for authorization to spend University funds, and authorizes Purchasing to make the purchase encumbering University funds.

Your Requester will enter the Purchase Requisition in Jaggaer.


No. Suppliers may not begin work or process a transaction without a purchase order.

No. The Purchasing Department and VP level or above are the only employees with delegated authority to sign contracts.

Send an email to the appropriate buyer, or submit a Change Request in Jaggaer.

A Standing Purchase Order is issued to certain vendors that provide goods or services each month. A standing purchase order issued is in effect from July 1 to June 30 of each fiscal year. 

Single and sole source purchases are allowable only when substitutes are deemed unacceptable through a formal evaluation process. They are to be used for purchases greater than $10,000.

It is necessary to submit a Sole Source Approval Form, found on the Purchasing Website, that includes objective and technical justifications as to why an item is available from only one source to the appropriate Buyer. 

Contact a Buyer first if you need help with the form or have other questions.

Yes. A granting agency may require the university to purchase goods or services from a designated vendor. Some award sponsors have “buy-America” and related export control purchasing restrictions.  Contact Grants and Contracts Accounting at (208) 282-3899 about this, as notes will be on file. 

Any transaction involving a non-U.S./international vendor should be cleared by the Purchasing Department.  While the majority of international vendors are cleared upon review, some are barred from receiving funds from ISU and the United States.  Call Purchasing at ext. 3111 and they will look up the vendor you wish to buy from on the government sanctions list.


An informal bid/quote is required for purchases between $10,000-$249,999, purchases over $250,000 require a formal solicitation to be issued by a Buyer.


For purchases over $10000, if you have 3 quotes, you may attach them to your requisition and they will be used by Purchasing.  Purchasing only issues formal solicitations for purchases greater than $250000.


Carriers have been instructed to stop at Central Receiving, where materials are identified and designated for final delivery.  

This information can be found in Jaggaer on the invoices tab, and on the Finance Dashboard under Purchase Order/ View Documents.

It is against State and ISU policies to encumber university funds without the issuance of a bona-fide purchase order.