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The ISU DPT Program is housed in Pocatello at ISU’s main campus as well as at the ISU Meridian Health Science Center. Through use of a distance learning education system, students are enrolled in one program, with one faculty, and will be in one student cohort. With the use of video teleconferencing instructional technology (VTIT), didactic courses are delivered through a real time, interactive system. Students at both sites attend the same class and share an instructor for the course. About half of our faculty are based in Meridian and half in Pocatello, meaning that, for some of the courses the instruction will be physically present in the classroom regardless of the student’s home site. In addition, instructors make regular visits to the other site for on-site teaching and meeting with students.

The DPT curriculum spans 34 months and is comprised of didactic (classroom) courses and clinical courses delivered in 8 semesters for a total of 106-110 credits. Following successful completion of the curriculum, graduates are awarded the DPT degree. Roughly 75% of courses are didactic and 25% is clinical that provide students with a variety of clinical experiences in various practice settings. The curriculum includes basic science courses taught by both program core faculty and by affiliate faculty from other departments. It also includes clinical science courses taught by program core faculty and adjunct faculty, many of whom are board certified specialists. In the first spring semester, prior to being sent out on their first clinical affiliation, students undergo a comprehensive objective, structured, clinical examination (OSCE) to ensure their readiness for the full time clinical work.

The clinical experiences, both full and part-time, are integral to the overall program. Our clinical instructors are highly qualified and knowledgeable of the program. Students are required to travel to complete their full-time clinical experiences that range in length from 6-16 weeks.

Course descriptions are available in the current graduate academic catalog.

Program Highlights

The ISU DPT Program has been producing effective and caring physical therapists for over 25 years. Our faculty is clinically engaged and directly supervise and instruct students in the clinic with direct patient care beginning in the first year of the program. We emphasize critical reflection and evidence based practice to challenge the student to be lifelong learners to drive the future of the profession.

Graduate Statistics

Our graduates are self-assured and benefit from the small class size and direct interaction with faculty. Our graduation rate for 2019 & 2020 is 100% and pass rate on the National Physical Therapy Licensure Exam (NPTE) over the past two years (2019 & 2020) is currently 98% (first time pass rate is 86.3%). 100% of our licensed graduates (2019 & 2020) seeking employment found employment within 6 months.



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