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On-Demand Training

The ITRC offers a variety of instructional technology workshops for individual faculty and group training. We understand that our faculty members have different experience levels and training needs. We offer face-to-face and webinars for Moodle and our other EdTech applications. In addition, we have several instructional design training events available for those needing creative help with their course or making their instructional materials accessible. To request a workshop or training, please fill out the following form to make your request:

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Workshop Topics: Accessibility 

Accessibility+ Toolkit

The Accessibility+ Toolkit in Moodle ISU has easy-to-use features that will help you find and fix accessibility issues in your course. including easy-to-use wizards and detailed reports. Come and learn how easy it is to use the toolkit reports and wizards to ensure an inclusive and accessible Moodle ISU course.

Creating Alternative Text for Images 

Alternative text or alt-text is a textual substitute for non-text content (images) that is added in order to make your course and documents accessible to all. Come learn when to use alt text and how to add it in a word processor, presentation program, and learning management system.

Creating Accessible Documents 

This workshop will introduce methods to leverage editor tools and checkers for creating accessible documents using word processors or presentation programs.

Best Practices for Accessible Multimedia

This workshop will be an introduction to using platforms such as YouTube, PowerPoint/Google Slides, and Zoom to create live automated captions and/or edit the automated captions for accuracy. 

Immediate Assistance & Self-Help Resources