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Course Evaluations Using Moodle ISU

General Procedures

Since the Fall 2008 semester, course evaluations can be offered using Moodle ISU. The tool, called "Feedback" is used to create course evaluations that are easily accessible to students within their courses. The Feedback tool gives the designated course evaluation coordinator full control over setting up, distributing, and collecting results for their respective department and calculating the results as students submit the evaluations.       

This is not your only evaluation option. You may also choose to continue conducting your class evaluations using paper evaluations. For more information, please contact the helpdesk at 282-HELP or

Department Chair Procedures

The Course Evaluation Coordinator Request Form needs to be submitted by the department chair (or their designee) with the contact information of the individuals selected to be the evaluation coordinators. This form needs to be re-submitted if the coordinator information changes.

Once the request is processed, then the coordinators will be able to administer the course evaluations in Moodle ISU.

Instructors will need to make sure all of their course sections are visible to students to ensure that the course evaluations will be available.

Course Evaluation Coordinator Procedures       

Each semester a new request needs to be submitted by the course evaluation coordinator using the Course Evaluation Request Form (limited to three per semester). Once the new, empty course evaluation is created, we will send a confirmation email to the coordinator. Please use the Make Course Evaluation Visible to Students Request Form to request to have course evaluations made available for students to access from within the mapped courses. The coordinator is responsible for downloading the data after the evaluation closes. Course evaluations will be removed 45 days after the end of the semester.


Course Evaluation Checklist

Course Evaluation Procedures

Setting up a Course Evaluation - Appendix A

Save Results as Word and PDF - Appendix B

Exporting Results as Excel Data File - Appendix C

Exporting and Importing Questions - Appendix D

Sample Course Evaluation Introductions - Appendix E

Instructions for Students to Take Course Evaluations in Moodle ISU