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About Qualtrics

Qualtrics is an online survey platform used for the creation and distribution of surveys, and the collection, storage, and analysis of survey results. The usage of Qualtrics is restricted to university-related work.  The use of Qualtrics for third-party, for-profit, not-for-profit organizations, and personal use -- not related to Idaho State University-- is not allowed.

Qualtrics is available to all Idaho State University faculty, staff, and currently enrolled students for research- related purposes.  Its use is subject to the terms and conditions set forth in this Acceptable Usage Policy, as well as all federal, state, local and other applicable law; all University rules and policies; and all applicable contracts and licenses, including the Qualtrics Acceptable Use Statement.




Qualtrics Insight Platform. The tutorials below are based on the new platform, and will guide you step-by-step through the process of creating a survey, from basic to advance. Visit the Qualtrics Support page for additional guidance.


ISU Acceptable Use for Qualtrics

Proposed surveys should comply with Idaho State University’s policies regarding collection information, personally identifying information (PII), FERPA, HIPAA, etc. Collected survey data is stored securely on servers maintained by Qualtrics and may be downloaded to local workstations. Failure to abide by Idaho State University’s Acceptable Use Policy for Qualtrics and/or Qualtrics’ Acceptable Usage Policy may result in suspension of access to Qualtrics and other repercussions depending on the nature and the severity of the violation.

Terms of Use for ISU Qualtrics Online Survey Service

  1. University Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval of a protocol defining the project must be granted before using Qualtrics for any research involving human subjects. View the Office for Research’s “Human Subjects” webpage and the Human Subjects Manual & Guide.

Idaho State University IRB policy states, “ISU recognizes that carrying out this mission may involve research using live human beings. When such research is deemed appropriate, the University is responsible for ensuring it is done ethically, in full compliance with pertinent laws and regulations, and with consideration to participant’s protection, safety, and privacy; and with scientific justification.”  

  1. Account holders may not share their login and password with others. Idaho State University’s Office of Institutional Research provides access to Qualtrics; however, responsibility for how individuals use the service resides solely with the individual.
  2. Each survey created under the Idaho State University Qualtrics license has a primary author. The primary author of a survey is responsible for content posted or distributed through Qualtrics, subject to the normative rights and obligations in the academic community as these are expressed in the University rules and regulations.
  3. Using your Qualtrics account for non-university related activities is prohibited. This includes personal use or use on behalf of a company/other unit (whether for pay or not). Users will not use Qualtrics for personal or commercial gain.
  4. Users are responsible for downloading and securing all survey data in conformity with Idaho State University policies and procedures for handling sensitive information.
  5. Surveys and survey responses collected through the use of  Qualtrics may be shared with parties external to Idaho State University. Surveys and survey responses shared with parties external to Idaho State University shall be the responsibility of the primary author / user granting access to the external party. All external parties granted access to the shared surveys and responses must abide by the Acceptable Use Policy, as well as all applicable Idaho State University policies and other rules and regulations.
  6. All surveys, in the instructions to respondents, shall include the statement “All survey information will be retained and hosted on a third party Qualtrics server and not on an Idaho State University server.”
  7. Qualtrics provides users with identifying themes “skins” when building a survey. The primary author is responsible for selecting the appropriate theme for identification purposes and will not intentionally choose a banner which misrepresents their affiliation with Idaho State University.
  8. Users must abide by Idaho State University Identity Standards and Use of University Name, Seal and Logo policy.
  9. When moving to another institution or otherwise leaving Idaho State University, a current user will have 60 days in which to contact the Idaho State University Qualtrics administrators to make arrangements for their Qualtrics content to be transferred to a new institutional or personal account; after which Idaho State University will close Qualtrics accounts delete all surveys and results.
  10. Idaho State University may, at any time, disallow, alter, or discontinue access to Qualtrics, change the Acceptable Use Policy at its sole discretion. Idaho State University may also revoke user access to Qualtrics for failure to abide by the terms in the Acceptable Use Policy.


  1. Inappropriate behavior/content/usage or other abuse of your Qualtrics account will lead to the following consequences:
    1. 1st incident - Warning: A warning email will be sent to the abusing party (as well as the faculty advisor in the case of student use). This email will let the user know that a violation of the policies has occurred and that the violating behavior must stop immediately.
    2. 2nd incident - Removal of Access: If there is a second violation of the policies, then the abusing individual's access to the Qualtrics system will be removed.
    3. Note: If the 1st incident is determined to be gross misconduct then Institutional Research may remove access to Qualtrics at that time. The label of gross misconduct will be at the discretion of Institutional Research and / or administrative authorities.

Support and Service Availability

In order to provide service improvements and maintenance, System Administrators have access to all content in the Idaho State University Qualtrics survey service.

Idaho State University Disclaimer

The surveys created or the responses supplied using the Idaho State University Qualtrics survey tool do not in any way constitute official Idaho State University content. The contents and views expressed in student, faculty or other organization’s web pages are solely those of their particular authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or official positions of ISU. Idaho State University supports the members of the University community in responsibly exercising their rights of free expression, but does not necessarily support the content of those expression. The user expressly agrees to use this site solely at his/her own risk. Questions or concerns about page content should be directed to the primary survey author.

Acceptable use for Idaho State University Qualtrics Online Survey Service also includes:


Vince Miller is ISU's brand administrator for Qualtrics. If you have any questions, please contact Vince at or 208-282-1045.