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The ITRC offers a variety of instructional technology workshops for individual faculty and group training. We understand that our faculty members have different experience levels and training needs. We offer face-to-face and webinars in Moodle, Google, Office, Examity, Turnitin, and Zoom applications. In addition, we have several instructional design training events available for those needing creative help with their course. To request a workshop or training, please fill out the following form to make your request:

Workshop Topics


Workshop Descriptions

Moodle Overview/Introduction

This workshop is for beginners who are new to the Moodle Learning Management System. We will go over navigating your course, adding an activity or resource, identifying the grade book, and other fundamental and basic features.


The assignment tool allows your students to upload almost any type of file. This workshop will show you how to set up and grade assignments.

Assignment: Rubrics and Grading Guides

What is a Rubric? What makes it different from a Marking Guide? Come learn how to create a Rubric or a Marking guide to make your grading more effective and efficient

Course Settings: Backup and Restore / Import Course Content

This workshop will explain how to create course backups, restore a course backup and import resources and activities from one course to another.

Course Settings: Creating a Course Evaluation

This workshop will show the designated Course Evaluation Coordinators the process to administer course evaluations using the feedback tool in Moodle ISU. The feedback tool offers a user-friendly and secure interface to efficiently set up a single course evaluation and link it to all courses.

Course Settings: Progress Bar and Completion Tracking

Activity completion or progress tracking allows the instructor to monitor student progress through the course. The workshop will show you how to set up and use activity completion in your course. You will also learn how to use the Progress report to see the progress of your students.


The Choice activity is often one of the most overlooked tools in the Moodle ISU toolbox. But the publishing features and restriction options available make Choice one of the most robust and useful tools to promote student interaction.


Learn how to add, manage, and communicate using forums. This workshop will show you how to set up a basic forum, use the forum tool for class discussions, create forums for groups, and allow the forum posts to be rated.


The Glossary tool within Moodle allows you to create a searchable glossary or encyclopedia of definitions and examples. But the tool can do so much more! Come see how to use the Glossary tool to do more than just add a glossary.

Grade Book: Create Categories / Use Weights

In this workshop, you will learn how to structure your Grade Book when using weighted categories. (i.e. exams 40%, essays 20%, etc.)

Grade Book: Methods of Grading

This workshop will show you how to get started using the Grade Book. Some of the features you will learn about include adding a column to the Grade Book, viewing statistics associated with your class grades, sorting grades, and weighting grades.


This workshop will cover the many features of the quiz tool including grading and availability, multiple test attempts, optionally building on the previous attempt, and adding questions.

Quiz: Interactive Questions Types

This workshop will focus on interactive question types including how to create and looking at polished examples.


Come learn how to set up and implement the Workshop tool to facilitate peer review in your course.



Workshop Descriptions

Online Proctoring

The University has various solutions to offers online proctoring for academic institutions & universities by using a webcam to monitor students taking exams online to prevent cheating. Learn how to properly use online proctoring for your course. We will discuss the process from setting up exams to reviewing student attempts and running reports.

Schedule a ProctorFree Training (External training provided by ProctorFree)

View Pre-recorded Examity Training (External training provided by Examity)

Share Files & Collaborate | Google Drive

Discover how your Google Drive can be used to manage your files on your ISU Google account. This workshop will cover the ability to edit, delete, control access, and link files into your Moodle ISU courses.

Narrated Presentation | PowerPoint

In this workshop, you will explore best practices for creating audio-narrated presentations.

Plagiarism Check | Turnitin

Utilize Turnitin in your Moodle ISU course. This workshop will discuss how to set up and grade Turnitin assignments.

Upload and Share | YouTube

This workshop will demonstrate how to upload and share your instructional videos on YouTube. Find out how to create your own channel, upload your video, configure your privacy settings, and share your video. This workshop is recommended for those faculty creating and sharing narrated PowerPoint files and video lectures.

Web Conferencing | Zoom

Zoom is a web conferencing system (video-centric) with video, audio, whiteboard, chat, application sharing, polling, breakout rooms and other tools to engage students in a synchronous (live) online environment. Our ISU Zoom license has been enabled with end-to-end encryption to facilitate HIPAA based compliance requirements. In this workshop we will walk you through Zoom basics to creating an account and meeting, inviting others to your meeting, installing system tools, and moderating your meeting.



Workshop Descriptions

Alignment Map

An Alignment Map can be used to ensure that all your critical course components - objectives, assessments, instructional materials, learning activities, and technologies support your students in meeting your course outcomes.

Innovative Methods for Giving Students Feedback

Through the use of free, easy-to-use tools, instructors can make a more meaningful connection with students and provide the type of feedback that will engage the students with the content and assessment.

Preparing your Course for Review

We will discuss the ISU internal review process and what you need to do in order to submit your course for review.

The Roles of the Online Instructor

How is online teaching different? What should instructors do to prepare themselves to teach online? This workshop will look at the roles of online instructors and discuss how to prepare for the world of teaching online.

Standard(s) 1 & 7: Helping your students get started in your online course

Do students know what they need to do when they first log in to your Moodle ISU course? According to Standard 1 of the Quality Matters (QM) rubric for evaluating the design of online and hybrid courses, the instructor needs to provide a course overview to help students know how to get started in their online course. There are a variety of ways you can help your students get started, this session will look at using Moodle blocks, the glossary and the book tool to meet the QM Rubric Standard 1. Additional information about Institutional resources will address QM Rubric Standard 7.

Standard(s) 2: course and Module Objectives

At the heart of any course are the outcomes. Writing course and module outcomes that are measurable, precise and appropriate for students is critical in meeting the QM Rubric Standard 2.

Standard(s) 3: Assessment and Alignment

Good course design is exemplified by the alignment of your assessments, materials, activities, and technology to your course outcomes. With a focus on assessment strategies, we will discuss alignment and how to meet the QM Standard 3.

Standard(s) 4: Creating Course Materials

There are many tools and options available to create instructional materials that support your students in meeting your course outcomes. We will look at various tools within Moodle ISU and discuss the benefits of each. We will identify key items in QM Standard 4.

Standard(s) 5: Increasing Student Engagement

There are many ways to increase student engagement above and beyond the basic Moodle tools of the forum, quiz, and assignments. Learn about other tools (H5P, Question Creation Tool) along with other Moodle ISU tools (Lesson, Choice, Book, Workshop) to provide additional ways for your students to engage.

Standard(s) 8: Accessibility and Usability

Do you have a course design that is easy to use and accessible to all? We will look at 6 key usability and accessibility items that will support a course design that is easy to navigate and accessible to all. This will be the first step in ensuring that your course meets the QM Rubric Standard 8.



Workshop Descriptions

Accessibility+ Toolkit

The Accessibility+ Toolkit in Moodle ISU has easy-to-use features that will help you find and fix accessibility issues in your course. including easy-to-use wizards and detailed reports. Come and learn how easy it is to use the toolkit reports and wizards to ensure an inclusive and accessible Moodle ISU course.

Creating Alternative Text for Images 

Alternative text or alt-text is a textual substitute for non-text content (images) that is added in order to make your course and documents accessible to all. Come learn when to use alt text and how to add it in a word processor, presentation program, and learning management system.

Creating Accessible Documents 

This workshop will introduce methods to leverage editor tools and checkers for creating accessible documents using word processors or presentation programs.

Best Practices for Accessible Multimedia

This workshop will be an introduction to using platforms such as YouTube, PowerPoint/Google Slides, and Zoom to create live automated captions and/or edit the automated captions for accuracy. 


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