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On-Demand Training

The ITRC offers a variety of instructional technology workshops for individual faculty and group training. We understand that our faculty members have different experience levels and training needs. We offer face-to-face and webinars for Moodle and our other EdTech applications. In addition, we have several instructional design training events available for those needing creative help with their course or making their instructional materials accessible. To request a workshop or training, please fill out the following form to make your request:

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Workshop Topics: Moodle

Moodle Overview/Introduction

This workshop is for beginners who are new to the Moodle Learning Management System. We will go over navigating your course, adding an activity or resource, identifying the grade book, and other fundamental and basic features.


The assignment tool allows your students to upload almost any type of file. This workshop will show you how to set up and grade assignments.

Assignment: Rubrics and Grading Guides

What is a Rubric? What makes it different from a Marking Guide? Come learn how to create a Rubric or a Marking guide to make your grading more effective and efficient

Course Settings: Backup and Restore / Import Course Content

This workshop will explain how to create course backups, restore a course backup and import resources and activities from one course to another.

Course Settings: Creating a Course Evaluation

This workshop will show the designated Course Evaluation Coordinators the process to administer course evaluations using the feedback tool in Moodle ISU. The feedback tool offers a user-friendly and secure interface to efficiently set up a single course evaluation and link it to all courses.

Course Settings: Progress Bar and Completion Tracking

Activity completion or progress tracking allows the instructor to monitor student progress through the course. The workshop will show you how to set up and use activity completion in your course. You will also learn how to use the Progress report to see the progress of your students.


The Choice activity is often one of the most overlooked tools in the Moodle ISU toolbox. But the publishing features and restriction options available make Choice one of the most robust and useful tools to promote student interaction.


Learn how to add, manage, and communicate using forums. This workshop will show you how to set up a basic forum, use the forum tool for class discussions, create forums for groups, and allow the forum posts to be rated.


The Glossary tool within Moodle allows you to create a searchable glossary or encyclopedia of definitions and examples. But the tool can do so much more! Come see how to use the Glossary tool to do more than just add a glossary.

Grade Book: Create Categories / Use Weights

In this workshop, you will learn how to structure your Grade Book when using weighted categories. (i.e. exams 40%, essays 20%, etc.)

Grade Book: Methods of Grading

This workshop will show you how to get started using the Grade Book. Some of the features you will learn about include adding a column to the Grade Book, viewing statistics associated with your class grades, sorting grades, and weighting grades.


This workshop will cover the many features of the quiz tool including grading and availability, multiple test attempts, optionally building on the previous attempt, and adding questions.

Quiz: Interactive Questions Types

This workshop will focus on interactive question types including how to create and looking at polished examples.


Come learn how to set up and implement the Workshop tool to facilitate peer review in your course.

Immediate Assistance & Self-Help Resources