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Frequently Asked Questions about the ISU Quality+ Program

If you have questions about the Quality+ program, please feel free to contact us. Below are a few Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Quality+ program.

Each path (Q+ Essentials, Q+ Certification, and Q+ Online Delivery) has a different estimated timeline. However, you will develop your anticipated timeline when you create your individualized professional development plan based on your schedule. Refer to each path under the section, How Does Quality+ Work, for an estimated timeline.

You are encouraged to focus on one course at a time. We know that the things you learn will be applicable in your other courses. We also know that you are very busy and want to make sure your participation in the Quality+ program supports you.

By participating in the Quality+ program you demonstrate your commitment, knowledge, and skills in delivering online courses. This can be used to document your commitment to quality online teaching and can be included in your promotion and tenure documentation.

Your instructional designer will work with you one-on-one to meet each milestone. Each instructional designer has an advanced degree in instructional design and is excited to work with you to create a quality online course. Your instructional designer can help you with…

  • completing Moodle tasks such as duplicating labels, double-checking settings, discussing activity settings, setting up a rubric, importing questions from a publisher test bank, checking your grade book setup, etc. Basically, ask for help with the fiddly things in Moodle ISU so you can focus on your course content.

  • completing your course alignment map. If you are revising a course, your IDP can look at your existing Moodle ISU course and help you create a matching alignment map.

  • discussing items on your alignment map. For example, writing the student learning outcomes in more measurable terms or identifying gaps in the course alignment.

  • identifying technologies to accomplish X. Discussing potential activities and the various tools that can be used to create those activities.

  • making modifications to a module. For example, if you have a place in your course where your students consistently struggle with the content, you and your IDP can brainstorm different ways to approach the content.

  • brainstorming student engagement strategies.

These are just a few of the many things that an instructional designer can help you with in your course design. 

There are online components for just about every course type taught at ISU. An individualized professional development plan will outline how your Quality+ experience supports your online components.

Stipends are processed after the completion of all Quality+ program milestones. For example, if you have selected the Quality+ Essentials option, the stipend will be processed after your course has met the last milestone - an Essential Standards Review. For more information on stipends, please see the different paths (Q+ Essentials, Q+ Certifications, and Q+ Online Delivery) in the How Does Quality+ Work section.

Taxes will be deducted from the stipend. You can contact ISU's Human Resources Payroll Department to discuss options to maximize your stipend amount.