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Payroll at Idaho State University is on a bi-weekly pay schedule with payments made to employees every other Friday. All employees receive pay on Friday for the previous two weeks, i.e., a two-week lag.

Time Entry

Employees enter their time in BengalWeb for payment.  Please see the current payroll schedule for pay periods, timesheet deadlines, and pay dates.

Click on the following link to access Time Entry Guide

Click on the following link to access Classified Holiday Time Entry Guide

Below, paper timecards should only be used when online time entry is not possible.

Paystubs & Tax Forms

Employees can view their paystubs, tax forms, leave accruals, and other information in Employee Self Service (BengalWeb>Employees>Actions & Information>Employment Details>Employee Self Service).

Mandatory Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is the process by which the university deposits your paycheck directly into your checking or savings account.

Click on the following link to access the Payroll Direct Deposit Guide to add/update your Direct Deposit Information in Bengal Web, or you can use the following link to fill out a Direct Deposit Form.

Payroll Staff

Danielle Pew

Payroll Manager

(208) 282-3060

Janice Romero

Personnel Technician

(208) 282-3058

Lisa Leyshon

Assistant Controller

(208) 282-4207