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Idaho State University employees will receive their payroll checks via direct deposit. Direct deposit is when funds are deposited electronically into a bank account.

Employees can add/update their information directly in BengalWeb using the Payroll Direct Deposit Guide or by completing a Direct Deposit Form.

Payroll at Idaho State University is on a bi-weekly pay schedule with payments made to employees every other Friday. All employees receive pay on Friday for the previous two weeks. If the last day of the payroll period is a holiday, checks will be available to the employee the day before the holiday. Because of the bi-weekly schedule, deadlines for processing payroll related documents are very tight. If there is a deadline change the payroll office will send out communication to all employees regarding the change.

Timecards are due by 12:00 PM on the timecard due date listed on the Paydate/Payroll Calendar. If an employee misses the timecard deadline, they should complete a DocuSign time sheet.

Yes, it is an important distinction. It is key that employees think about their time in 40 hour per week  periods because it is crucial for payroll processing and an employee’s paycheck. The federal overtime provisions contained in the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) states, employees covered by the Act, unless exempt, must receive overtime pay for hours worked over 40 in a workweek at a rate not less than time and one-half their regular rates of pay. 

For more information, employees can contact the payroll and/or review the US Department of Labor Overtime Pay webpage.

Employees who have not signed up for direct deposit will receive a paper check. In order for direct deposit to be set up in time for a specific pay date, the information must be added by the timecard deadline designated on the Paydate/Payroll Calendar.

Employees can see if a payroll payment was issued to them via direct deposit or paper check by looking at the bottom of their pay stubs (instructions below). Please keep in mind that ISU does have a mandatory direct deposit policy (ISUPP 2600). There are two ways employees can add/update their direct deposit information. Employees can either add/update their information directly in BengalWeb using the Payroll Direct Deposit Guide or complete a Direct Deposit Form.

  • Login to MyISU
  • Locate the “Time Entry & Employment Details” card and select “Employee Dashboard’
    • click the menu icon in the top left corner
    • Select “Discover”
    • In ‘Find Cards” type “Time Entry & Employment Details”
    • Click the bookmark icon in the top right corner, now the card will appear on your main ISU page
    • If you do not see this card follow the instructions below:
  • Select "All Pay Stubs" near the center of your dashboard
  • Click on the pay stub for the pay date you'd like to see and scroll to the bottom of the pay stub.

Employees are encouraged to elect to receive their W-2 electronically by indicating their consent on the Electronic Regulatory Consent page in BengalWeb. If the employee has elected to receive an electronic copy of their W-2, they may find it in BengalWeb in the Taxes section of Employee Self Service. If they have not elected to receive an electronic copy of their W-2 it will be mailed to the address the University has on file.

Compensatory time is paid time off for nonexempt (classified) employees to be used in the future in lieu of paying employees overtime for hours worked in excess of 40 per week. For information on how compensatory time is accrued please review the Compensatory Time Accrue Guide.

Payroll will payout the employee's accrued compensatory time every 3rd, 13th, or 23rd pay period of every year if they have had it for longer than six (6) months. If their compensatory time is over 240 hours Payroll is required by the state to pay it out regardless of the pay period.