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Idaho State University

Training Opportunities

We are excited to announce that we will be offering monthly, four-hour “Introduction to StrengthsFinder” sessions starting in 2020! These introductory sessions will allow individuals to:

  1. Unlock their Top 5 CliftonStrengths talent themes 
  2. Learn about the assessment tool 
  3. Begin to explore how to grow and develop their strengths
  4. Explore the basics of building strengths-based teams

What is a Strength?
We find Talents to be the naturally recurring pattern of thought, feeling, or behavior that can be productively applied. It’s how we process information, interact with people and see/understand the world. From there, a Strength is the development of talent by the cultivation of knowledge, skills, and experience related to a talent. 

How Can This Help You? 
Strengths-based institutions in Higher Education are able to support employees in the following ways: 

  • Faculty - best leveraging your individual talents in teaching, research, and service to further innovation and scholarship in their disciplines.

  • Staff - identify and develop to maximum potential, leveraging personal strengths to achieve work outcomes, feel engaged, supported, and productive.

  • Leadership - understand individual contributions of team members focusing on what they do best, and helping them develop to reach their potential. Additionally, leaders can grow into their own authentic leadership style, leveraging their personal talents to build an environment of trust, compassion, stability, and hope.  
  • Students - strengths focus supports all aspects of students’ well-being, helping them to explore the connection between their educational pursuits, and areas where they excel as individuals.

Idaho State University has chosen the StrengthsFinder assessment to help employees identify and build upon their strengths. This tool gives employees the opportunity to develop strengths by building on their greatest talents -- the way in which they most naturally think, feel, and behave as unique individuals.  

Additionally, those individuals who attend a full “Introduction to Strengths” session will be gifted an individualized nameplate to keep at their desk. This will allow them to keep their Top 5 at the forefront of their minds as their strengths are developed. This also allows  co-workers to easily glimpse on another's strengths and know how to more effectively communicate with their individual team members. 

There is no cost for ISU faculty and staff to attend this workshop. Assessments, workshop materials, instruction, and tools will be included free of charge. We look forward to using the StrengthsFinder assessment tool now and in the future to improve the lives of our employees by learning how to leverage their individual strengths.  

To see upcoming dates for an "Introduction to Strengths" session, please CLICK HERE to Register. Spaces are limited and granted on a first come first-served basis. 

Please contact for more information. 


Comprehensive list of personal and professional online trainingOnline Training Handout

Directions for Accessing Training System
Log into BengalWeb, click on Employees (upper left), then Actions and Information. In the channel titled "Talent Management System," click the blue link to access the system. In the upper left hand of the page is your "Action Items." The required or previously registered courses should be listed in there. Click the course, click register, then click launch to begin. To register for other courses offered, click on "Browse for Training," type in the name of the course or key words. Click on the course, click register, then launch to begin the course.

Chrome is the preferred browser to use; Internet Explorer will not allow the session to launch. Also, make sure your pop up blocker has been turned off in TMS. If you have questions please call Jasmine Bagley at 282-2519/ or Stacey Marshall at 282-3081/  

Upcoming Intro to StrengthsFinder Sessions in 2020

February 5th, 1:00pm-5:00pm  

February 13th, 8:30am-12:30pm (Meridian Only) 

March 5th, 8:00am-12:00pm

April 21, 1:00pm-5:00pm

May 20, 8:00am-12:00pm 

June 18, 1:00pm-5:00pm 


CLICK HERE to Register for Intro to StrengthsFinder



Leadership Development
This program is designed to provide professional development to emerging and current leaders at Idaho State University by providing the tools, knowledge, and skills critical to becoming a strategic leader while assisting leaders in the effective application and use of policies, procedures, resources, and services. Participants will build collaborative networks to share ideas, problem-solve, build relationships and offer support for one another. They will build competencies to provide and receive constructive feedback while cultivating an understanding of the nature of organizational change. This program is offered in person in Pocatello and by distance learning in Idaho Falls, Twin Falls and Meridian. 

ISU Leadership Development Program Outline

ISU Leadership Development Fall Schedule

To apply please contact your respective Vice President’s office. Faculty, classified and non-classified ISU employees are eligible. For questions contact Stacey Marshall at 282-3081/

Professional Development Workshops - Online only

Directions for Accessing Online Training Courses
Log into BengalWeb, go to Employee (upper left), "Actions & Information," then click "Access Talent Management System," which is under the the Talent Management System heading. In the Training Tab you are given the choice to select “Browse for Training” or “View your Transcript.” In “Browse for Training,” scroll down to select available sessions, request session, register, then launch. If you have questions please call Laura Judkins at 282-2519.

Chrome is the preferred browser to use. Courses will not launch with Internet Explorer. Also, make sure your pop-up blocker has been turned off within TMS.

Comprehensive list of training -  Online Training Handout

Professional Development Workshops - In person and online. See Online Training Handout above

State of Idaho Training 
For a list of training through the State of Idaho, go to: State Training

ExecuTrain of Idaho
ExecuTrain of Idaho is currently offering computer related training in the Boise area. For a list of time and dates contact go to ExecuTrain

North Idaho College
North Idaho College offers Supervisory Skills Online Courses for Idaho State Employees. For more information go to: Supervisory Skills

Idaho Society of Certified Public Managers
Idaho Society of Certified Public Managers has a web site listing very affordable training for those who are interested. You and your organization’s supervisors can take advantage of high quality training during these tough economic times. For more information go to: Certified Public Managers

Many members of our campus community have contacted HR to inquire about 2019 training course requirements. The only current compliance training requirement is the Division of Human Resources (DHR) required Cybersecurity training which were sent via email on Monday, Feb. 25. These training modules must be completed by all benefitted employees. New employees are assigned this training monthly.

Training modules for topics such as Title IX, Harassment Prevention, Conflict of Interest, FERPA and others can be accessed through the Talent Management System.  If you have previously completed training modules for these topics, you are not required to complete any new training in 2019. Instead, we have decided to pause assigning new trainings until we have a chance to work with campus departments and stakeholders to define desired outcomes, and build a more comprehensive compliance training plan. Thanks for your patience as we research and prepare a plan for the future.  

New Employees since January 1, 2019 will be assigned the following trainings on their Action Lists. We will assign these at the end of each month.

Employee Assigned Training Directions:


Avoiding Conflicts of Interest  - 6 minutes

FERPA for HIgher Education  - 30 minutes

Title IX for Higher Education  - 30 minutes

Workplace Harassment Prevention for Higher Education  - 30 minutes


Avoiding Conflicts of Interest  - 6 minutes

Title IX for Higher Education  - 30 minutes

Workplace Harassment Prevention for Employees  - 30 minutes

Your Role in Workplace Diversity  - 30 minutes

Comprehensive list of trainings -  Online Training Handout

Directions for Accessing Talent Management Training System
Log into BengalWeb, go to "Employees" (upper left of screen), Actions & Information, then under the Talent Management System heading, click on the Access Talent Management System link, then Training Tab. You are given the choice to select “Browse for Training” or “View your Transcript.” Courses required should be visible in your Action Items on your Home page. If they are not, go to “Browse for Training,”, then "Browse All". Scroll to select available sessions, request session, register, and then launch. Chrome is the preferred browser to use; Internet Explorer and Firefox seem to have more issues with launching the trainings. If the training does NOT launch, make sure your pop up blocker has been turned off.

If you have questions or problems please contact Jasmine Bagley at 282-2519 or or Stacey Marshall at 282-3081 or