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Online Training

Additional training content is currently being added to our Talent Management System (TMS) in the categories of technical training, (software programs, etc.), business skills, soft skills, legal compliance and leadership/management. In total, more than 1,000 self-paced training modules in these categories will be available and accessible to all benefit-eligible faculty and staff.

Below is a list of courses uploaded to the Talent Management System.

Online Learning Modules in TMS_Tech_Software

Online Learning Modules in TMS_Business Skills

Online Learning Modules in TMS_Soft Skills

Online Learning Modules in TMS_Legal_Compliance

Online Learning Modules in TMS_Leadership and Management

Directions for Accessing Online Training Courses

For video instructions on accessing the Talent Management System and online training content, CLICK HERE

Log into BengalWeb, go to "Employees" (upper left of screen), Actions & Information, then under the Talent Management System heading, click on the Access Talent Management System.  If assigned courses are not shown:

  1. Click on Learning tab (top of page), click Learner Home. In section, Hi (Your Name)! What would you like to do today?, type in the course you are looking for. 
  2. You can also use key words to find courses of interest by typing key words in this section.
  3. To look for all courses available in the Talent Management System, click on Learning tab, then choose Browse for Training. All available courses will be listed in alphabetical order.
  4. When you find the course you want, Scroll to select available session, request session, register, and then launch.
  5. Chrome is the preferred browser to use. Internet Explorer and Firefox seem to have more issues with launching the trainings.  If the training does NOT launch, make sure your pop up blocker has been turned off.  For help contact or call X2519. 

TED Talks

This is a list of TED talks available to all faculty and staff. The topics are related to the workplace and communication skills.

TED Talks