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Katie Thomas

Katie Thomas

Interim Assistant VP for Human Resources

Office: Meridian 594A

(208) 373-1924

Ray Ludwig

Ray Ludwig

Director of HR Operations

Office: Administration Building 312

(208) 282-2518

Karey Steed

Karey Steed

HR Business Partner for Employee Relations

Office: Administration Building 312

(208) 282-2796

Maggie Leitch

Maggie Leitch

HR Business for Partner Talent Acquisition

Office: Administration Building 312

(208) 282-3830

Brandon Hendricks

HR Associate

Office: Administration Building 312

(208) 282-2517

Stacey Marshall

Stacey Marshall

Assistant HR Director & Ombudsman Coordinator

Office: Administration Building 312

(208) 282-3081

Danielle Pew

Assistant HR Director for Payroll & Benefits

Office: Administration Building 312

(208) 282-3060

Angie Dangerfield

Acting Compensation Manager

Office: Business Administration Building Room 244

(208) 282-4599

Katie Hammond

Katie Baca

Program Information Coordinator

Office: Administration Building 312

(208) 282-4420

Mary Barlow-Stickels

Mary Barlow-Stickles

Personnel Technician

Office: Administration Building 312

(208) 282-3724

Stephanie Richardson

Stephanie Richardson

HR Specialist

Office: Administration Building 312

(208) 282-4828

Clay Smith

HR Training Coordinator

Office: Administration Building 312

(208) 282-2519

Janice Romero

Janice Romero

HR Benefits Coordinator

Office: Administration Building 312

(208) 282-3106

Dani Gribas

Payroll Technician

Office: Administration Building 312

(208) 282-3058

Nichole Jensen

Office specialist 2

Office: Administration Building 312

(208) 282-3010

Benny for Vacant/Unavailable positions

Abhilaasya Chennuri

HRIS Analyst

Office: Administration Building Room 312

(208) 282-4897

For questions related to

For questions related to:  Contact Examples

Janice Romero, Benefits Coordinator or

Danielle Pew, Assistant HR Director for Payroll and Benefits

  • New employee benefits enrollment
  • Benefits questions and changes
  • Open enrollment questions/paperwork
  • Disability Insurance Claims
  • Life insurance Coverage/Claims
  • Retirement preparation/planning 
Change Management and Reorganizations  Katie Thomas, Interim Asst. VP 
  • Communication and change management support
  • Strategic support for reorg planning

Ray Ludwig, Director of HR Operations 



Angie Dangerfield, Acting Compensation Manager

  • Compensation analysis/review
  • Pay rate/adjustment questions
  • Contract questions related to pay
  • Change in Employee Compensation (CEC)
  • Salary Adjustment Requests (SARs)
Employee Relations 

 Karey Steed, HR Business Partner

  • Employee/team concerns
  • Performance management
  • Manager coaching/guidance
  • Remote work support and process
  • Disciplinary process/actions
  • Terminations
Employment Verifications, or

Fax (208)282-4976


  • Verification of Employment*
  • Public Service Loan Forgiveness Forms

*Signed release forms required for student employees

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Information 

Mary Barlow Stickles, Personnel Technician, or

Karey Steed, HR Business Partner

  • FMLA Forms/Documentation
  • Leave reporting and guidance 
General HR Services 

Brandon Hendricks, HR Associate or

  • New hire paperwork (W-4, I-9, etc)
  • Employee/Spouse/Dependent Tuition Reduction forms
  • HR process/paperwork questions
  • General questions
  • Remote Work Application & Safety Checklist/ Remote Work Agreement forms
  • Student, Temp, and Adjunct background checks
HR Information Systems (HRIS)

 Ray Ludwig, Director of HR Operations


Abhilaasya Chennuri, HRIS Analyst

  • Employee reporting from Banner
  • Banner Access Setup
  • Employee data
  • EPAF Security
  • Time approver proxy setup
Personnel Action Processing 

Katie Baca, Program Information Coordinator and 

Mary Barlow Stickles, Personnel Technician

  • EPAFs
  • PRs
  • Personnel info in Banner
HR Policy Questions

Katie Thomas, Interim Asst. VP

  • General questions about the application of ISU HR, DHR, and/or State Board of Education policies

Danielle Pew, Asst. HR Director or

Dani Gribas, Payroll Technician

Nichole JensenOffice Specialist 2

  • Time review/approvals
  • Timesheet or paycheck questions/issues
  • Payroll processing
  • Payroll taxes and other withholdings
  • Post-tax payroll deductions (Meal Plan, Campus Rec, Parking etc.)
  • Time approver (T-ORG) questions
  • Labor redistributions (Payroll JV)
Performance Evaluations

Ray Ludwig, Director of HR Operations

  • Talent Management System (TMS) questions
  • TMS access and functionality
  • Performance evaluation timeline
  • Evaluation process and steps
  • Manager guidance and support
  • Coaching conversations
Classified Employee Hiring

Stephanie Richardson, HR Specialist


  • Employee requisitions
  • Recruiting/hiring system support
  • Hiring Lists
  • Candidate screening
  • Benefited employee background checks 
  • Reclassification requests (PDQ)
  • Classified Offer Letters


Talent Acquisition, non-classified staff and faculty searches  Maggie Leitch, HR Business Partner 
  • Staffing planning/strategy
  • Search committee training and consultation
  • Executive searches
  • Vacancies
  • New Position Requests, Search Waivers, Emergency Hires
  • Interviewing/hiring approvals
  • Recruiting strategy
  • Recruiting marketing and advertising strategy and content creation
  • Applicant communication including regrets
  • Non-Classified and Faculty Offer letters
Training and Development 

Stacey Marshall, Asst. HR Director

Clay Smith, Training Coordinator, or



  • Respectful Workplace Training
  • Leadership Development
  • Manager Training
  • Online, on-demand TMS training
  • Employee Recognition week
  • Ombuds Coordination
  • Strengths Training Facilitation


  • DHR Cybersecurity Training
  • New Employee Orientation
  • Be A Bengal Recognition program
  • Strengths Training Coordination


Human Resource Staff

Name Phone Email
Katie Thomas
Interim Assistant VP for Human Resources
(208) 373-1924                  

Ray Ludwig, Director of HR Operations

HRIS, Employee Relations and Compensation, Benefits Admin

(208) 282-2518
Karey Steed, HR Business Partner for Employee Relations (208) 282-2796 

Maggie Leitch, HR Business Partner for Talent Acquisition

(208) 282-3830

Brandon Hendricks, HR Associate

(208) 282-2517
Stacey Marshall, Assistant Director
Ombuds Coordinator, ISU Cares Coordinator, Training and Development
(208) 282-3081

Danielle Pew, Assistant Director
Payroll & Benefits

(208) 282-3060
Angie Dangerfield, Acting Compensation Manager (208) 282-4599 
Katie Baca, Program Information Coordinator (208) 282-4420
Mary Barlow-Stickles, Personnel Technician (208) 282-3724
Stephanie Richardson, HR Specialist
Consultant Support
(208) 282-4828
Clay Smith, HR Training Coordinator (208) 282-2519
Janice Romero, HR Benefits Coordinator (208) 282-3106
Dani Gribas, Payroll Technician (208) 282-3058
Nichole Jensen, Office Specialist 2 (208) 282-3010
Abhilaasya Chennuri, HRIS Analyst (208) 282-4897

For General Information, contact the Office of Human Resources

For General Information, contact the Office of Human Resources


Fax : 208-282-4976