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Classified Job Descriptions

Leave of Absence Policy for Faculty and Staff ISUPP 3070

Unemployment Claims

An employee who, through no fault of his/her own, is terminated from ISU employment may be eligible for unemployment compensation benefits. These benefits are paid by the University and issued through the Idaho Department of Commerce and Labor.

Eligibility for benefits is determined by the Idaho Department of Commerce and Labor. The amount of benefits for which a former employee may be eligible depends upon the employee's level of earnings and length of employment. It is the employee’s responsibility to apply for these benefits.

All unemployment claims received by departments should be forwarded to Human Resources with the requested information and within the designated timeframe.

Contact: Human Resources Associate Director, at 282-2518 for any questions.

Classified Pay Grades

Idaho State University’s Classified Employee Salary Structure consists of eleven pay grades with minimum, policy and maximum rates. Printable Compensation Schedule for Classified Employees.

CEC Information

Please visit our CEC webpage to learn about more about the FY24 CEC plan, effective dates, and to access our CEC Town Hall recording and slides.