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New and Accepted Students

You are a new or accepted student if you have...

  • been admitted to Idaho State University and have received your I-20 or DS-2019.
  • recently arrived to Pocatello or ISU.

If you have not yet been admitted, please see our prospective students page.

Welcome to Idaho State University!

We are excited to have you on campus. Please review the information below to ensure a successful start to your time at ISU. If you need additional assistance or have any questions, please contact us at (208) 282-4320.


Now that you’ve been accepted to Idaho State University, please complete the following first steps:

  1. Complete each step on the Pre-Departure Checklist
  2. Arrange for Travel
  3. Sign up for International Student Orientation
  4. Check-In with IPO upon arrival

On-Campus Housing

We encourage on-campus housing, particularly for your first year.  For details on ISU's on-campus housing options, go to the ISU Housing page.

Off-Campus Housing

There are many off-campus housing options around and close to the ISU campus, including student complexes and privately owned rental properties.  Download our Housing Resources List (PDF) for a list of apartments in the Pocatello area.  The following resources may also be helpful in finding off-campus units:


Other Options:

The cost of a shared apartment begins at about $250, not including cost of utilities.  Living off-campus alone could cost much more ($500-$1000 per month).  Always be sure to read carefully the stipulations of the contract that comes with renting an apartment.

Please be advised that off-campus Housing doesn't necessarily mean you have to live far from the campus. You can get an off-campus apartment very close to the campus, not owned by ISU. If you find an off-campus apartment far from the campus, please ask the landlord or property management if the apartment falls near a bus stop. Several city buses (with fixed routes and door-to-door) operate regularly and cover many Pocatello areas. You can ride the bus one way with 50 cents and your student ID. You can also get the Bus Pass at a nominal cost. Please see more options here.

Other Helpful Information

In My Area can help you find utility providers in your area.  Click on the following links for services in the 83201 Pocatello area.

While Idaho State University does not require you to have health insurance, we strongly encourage you to have it.  U.S. medical costs are very high and can be financially devastating if you have a medical emergency.  Following are just a few insurance companies that provide insurance plans specifically for F-1 and J-1 students and scholars:

Understanding the U.S. Healthcare System

The following resources will help you better understand and navigate the U.S. healthcare system.

Student clubs play an important role in helping new students feel connected to the campus and with each other.  We highly encourage new international students to look at the various clubs we have on campus and reach out to the club presidency if you are interested in connecting with them. 

There are many culturally based clubs at ISU as well as academic. Some examples include:

  • International Student Association
  • African Student Association
  • Nepalese Student Association
  • Korean Club
  • And many more

Go to the Student Organizations page for more information or go directly to the Club List for a list of available clubs.