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There are three types of programs available to ISU students. They are:

  • ISU Partner University Programs (pay ISU tuition)
  • Other Affiliate Programs
  • Third-Party Programs

ISU Partner Universities

Studying at an ISU partner institution guarantees that all credits earned there will transfer back to ISU and that the student can utilize ISU financial aid and ISU scholarships at the host institution if tuition is paid to ISU during the exchange.

ISU has agreements for students to study abroad at the following institutions:

England:  The University of Plymouth, Plymouth

Students have the opportunity to study in one of England's most beautiful and historic areas. The University of Plymouth is ideal for English, history, and american studies students.

Students pay ISU tuition and pay room and board in England.

France: University of Burgundy, Auxerre

This branch campus of the University of Burgundy (Dijon) is located in the charming small city of Auxerre, about 1.5 hours away by train from Paris.

It offers ISU students an excellent business curriculum with a number of courses taught in English as well as a fine engineering curriculum. The university also offers 2 “French as foreign language” courses to its exchange students every semester.

The Auxerre business department offers students who are already fluent in French on a functional level a wide variety of internships throughout Burgundy! Any major may apply to be placed in an internship.

Student pay ISU tuition and room and board in France.

Host family programs are available.

Germany:  Paderborn University, Paderborn

Fluency in the German language is suggested, but not required.

One month of an intensive German language program is included in the course fees, a 3 month intensive language course is available (for a cost of about 200 euros) from January through March before the beginning of the summer term in April. That's like 2 semesters of study for the price of 1!

There are many classes in business offered in English.

Study science, education, the arts and more.

Students pay ISU tuition and pay room and board in Germany.

Japan: Kansai Gaidai University, Osaka

Kansai Gaidai University offers an Asian Studies program with other classes in English. Two semesters of Japanese study required.

Pay ISU tuition and ISU room and board, Plan 1. Choose to live with a family or in the residence halls for the same price.

Mexico:  ITESO University, Guadalajara

Study in the beautiful city of Guadalajara in Idaho’s sister state of Jalisco.

Take the ISU equivalent of Spanish 101,102, 201, or 202 there and add some culture courses in English, or take courses in Spanish in business, education, communication, engineering, social sciences, international relations, and more if you have at least 3 years of college Spanish language proficiency.

Morocco:  Al Akhawayn University, Ifrane

Study Intensive Arabic on any level in the summer at a great price,  or go for a semester or a year and take any level of Arabic as a foreign language during any semester paired with other courses in English.

Al Akhawayn University offers a great business program, humanities, social sciences, and engineering courses available in English!

For the semester/year program, pay ISU tuition and ISU room and board, Plan 1.

Spain:  The University of Valencia, Valencia

Study in one of Spain’s most beautiful coastal cities. Six semesters of Spanish required for academic study.

Intensive language study available for students with four semesters of Spanish.

Liberal Arts, Sciences, Health Professions, Education.

Students pay ISU tuition and pay room and board in Spain.

Spain:  The Politecnica University of Valencia, Valencia

Study in one of Spain's most beautiful coastal cities. Six semesters of Spanish required.

Engineering, Business, Communications, Fine Arts and Physical/Natural Sciences.

Substantial number of courses available in English.

Pay ISU tuition.  Pay room and board in Spain.

Sweden: Umea University

Study in English in a welcoming environment and meet students from all over the world in lovely Sweden.

Business, CS, CIS, Economics, Health Sciences, Social Sciences, Physical and Natural Sciences, Swedish language.

Pay ISU tuition. Pay room and board in Sweden.

Uruguay:  Universidad ORT, Montevideo

Study in one of Latin America's most exciting cities!  

Five semesters of Spanish required. Business students only.

Pay ISU tuition.  Pay room and board in Uruguay.

Affiliate Programs

Since ISU is an affiliate to the programs listed below, credit transfer back to ISU is guaranteed and ISU financial aid can be utilized.

Scholarships at ISU cannot be utilized since tuition is paid to the program provider and/or host institution.

GlobaLinks Learning Abroad

Programs for all academic areas.

Semester/year, summer, internships and degree programs in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Asia, and Europe.

CIEE Council on International Educational Exchange

Choose from 40 countries and over 40 subject areas of study.

Some service learning opportunities.

Institute For Study Abroad-Butler University

IFSA Butler Universsity covers Latin America including Cuba, the UK,  Australia and New Zealand.  

A limited number of scholarships are available to qualified ISU students!

International Student Exchange Program

Only ISEP Direct available.

KCP International, Tokyo

Intensive Japanese language and culture study only.

No Japanese required, but two semesters are recommended.

Pay fees as listed on KCP's website. Host family option available!

SIT Study Abroad Programs

SIT offers study abroad programs for undergraduate students in over 50 countries.

Programs are structured around a theme.

Third-Party Providers

Students joining one of these programs will NOT qualify to use their ISU financial aid.

See your IPO Study Abroad advisor for more guidance.

ISU students can access hundreds of programs by searching the following websites:


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