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Educator Preparation Accountability Measures

The College of Education prepares students (known as “candidates”) who seek to enter education-related professions. Candidates pursuing teaching, professional school personnel, or administrative careers in schools and other professional roles will find an assortment of integrated programs organized to meet their professional aspirations. All programs of the College are experiential, collaborative, standards-based, assessment-informed, research-guided, and technology-supported. Idaho State University has an institutional commitment to educator preparation. Educator preparation programs are offered through the faculties of the College of Education, the College of Arts and Letters, the College of Science and Engineering, and the Division of Health Sciences.

*CAEP Review- Fall 2022 Accreditation Decision Pending

CAEP Programs

Endorsement Documentation 

In partnership with CAEP, the Idaho State Department of Education and Idaho State Board of Education review each program according to the Idaho Standards for Initial Certification of Professional School Personnel.

Evidence is collected in partnership with colleagues across disciplines and colleges at Idaho State University.

ISU Teacher Education Endorsement Documentation

Accountability Measures

Measure 1: Completer effectiveness.

Measure 2: Satisfaction of employers and stakeholder involvement.

Measure 3: Candidate competency at completion.

Measure 4: Ability of completers to be hired in positions for which they have prepared.

Additional Reporting Measures

Program Completion Numbers