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CAEP Accountability Measures

The College of Education prepares students (known as “candidates”) who seek to enter education-related professions. Candidates pursuing teaching, professional school personnel, or administrative careers in schools and other professional roles will find an assortment of integrated programs organized to meet their professional aspirations. All programs of the College are experiential, collaborative, standards-based, assessment-informed, research-guided, and technology-supported. Idaho State University has an institutional commitment to educator preparation. Educator preparation programs are offered through the faculties of the College of Education, the College of Arts and Letters, the College of Science and Engineering, and the Division of Health Sciences.

*CAEP Review- Fall 2022 | Accreditation Granted

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CAEP Website

Programs reviewed in the CAEP 2022 visit: 

  • BA Elementary Education (Initial)
  • BA Secondary Education (Initial)
  • BA Special Education (Initial)
  • BA Early Childhood (Initial)
  • MA Teaching (Initial)
  • MEd Special Education  (Initial)
  • MS Deaf Education  (Initial)
  • MEd Educational Administration (Advanced)
  • EdS Educational Administration (Advanced)

Endorsement Documentation

In partnership with CAEP, the Idaho State Department of Education and Idaho State Board of Education review each program according to the Idaho Standards for Initial Certification of Professional School Personnel.

Evidence is collected in partnership with colleagues across disciplines and colleges at Idaho State University.

ISU Teacher Education Endorsement Documentation

Accountability Measures

Initial Program Completers (R4.1)

Indicators of Impact on Learning

The Impact on P12 Growth Case Study reviews the selected completers’ assessment portfolios then engages them in a discussion of their professional teaching practices.

Indicators of Teaching Effectiveness

The employer survey (see 3. Satisfaction of Employers) helps ISU determine if our completers are effective at promoting student growth, particularly criteria 1, 2, 3, 8, and 10 which align to teaching effectiveness from the Employer Survey (Measure 2). 

State Board of Education EPP Performance Measures

FY2023 was the first year the Idaho State Board of Education collected and published EPP Performance measures.

After an extensive review process, new measures were adopted in August 2023 by the State Board of Education. We are waiting for the report to be posted.

Satisfaction of employers and stakeholder involvement (R4.2|R5.3| RA4.1)

Initial Program Completers (R4.2)

The Employer Survey is distributed every year to the building administrator of completers in their second year of employment.

Advanced Program Completers (RA4.1)

The Employer Survey is distributed in ODD years for the previous two completer cohorts to the district employers for those with an administrative contract. Cohorts with less than 5 completers will be extended into the next cycle.

Stakeholders (R5.3)

The stakeholder group is brought together in EVEN years.

Initial Program Completers (R3.3)

Common Summative Assessment (CSA) Summary Report

Based on the Danielson Framework for Teaching, this provides a triangulated look at the effectiveness of candidates in the classroom. The CSA is a required component across the state for an Institutional Recommendation.

Title II Reports

The Title II Reports provide evidence that our candidates are able to pass their state-approved content knowledge assessments: Praxis II.

Advanced Program Completers (A3.3)

Annual Assessment Report

Each year, the Educational Administration program submits assessment reports to the institution based on the programs’ student learning outcomes.

Press Release: Idaho’s Teacher Shortage Program Persists

In the state of Idaho, individuals who want to find a teaching position can find a teaching position. A small number of completers take jobs out of state as several of our programs are available online and have been attractive to those who live out of state. The remaining completers without an Idaho license choose not to apply for licensure or secure an employment contract with a public school in Idaho.

2021-2022 Completers


(Standard Instructional Certificate)


(Principal Endorsement)


(Superintendent Endorsement)

78 completers:

54 classroom teachers

11 completers:

6 classroom teachers

4 building administrators

1 higher education

3 completers:

2 building administrators

1 district administrator


Additional Reporting Measures

Program Completion Numbers

















*Note that School Psychology and the Master's in Elementary or Secondary are no longer reviewed by CAEP and have been excluded from the completer numbers.