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Master of Arts in Teaching

Professor kneeling down to talk with students building math blocks

Program Outcomes

  1. The Teacher Candidate applies evidence-based professional and pedagogical knowledge that supports students’ social, emotional, behavioral and academic development.

  2. The Teacher Candidate has a deep and flexible understanding of content that supports students’ social, emotional, behavioral  and academic development in authentic learning environments.

  3. The Teacher Candidate strategically uses assessment for instructional planning and evidence-based instructional practices to make goal-directed decisions that support students’ social, emotional, behavioral and academic development.  

  4. The Teacher Candidate displays the habits of professional action and moral commitments that support students’ social, emotional, behavioral and academic development.


The MAT program was originally designed to support the growing need for qualified teachers for Idaho schools, and it has grown to support the need for certified teachers all over the world. Through the MAT program, candidates can receive both a Masters Degree and Idaho Teacher Certification in as little as four semesters.  


Program Options 

Two different options are available leading to Idaho Teacher Certification, both requiring a bachelor's degree for admission. Neither requires any previous teaching experience. 

  • Alternate Authorization:  This option is for teachers in the state of Idaho who have been hired without certification (emergency hires/alternative authorization). This option is completed within 3 years. 
  • Traditional Option:  This option is for candidates with a bachelor's degree who would like to pursue Idaho teacher certification. This option can be completed in four semesters.

From anywhere

The Master’s program coursework is fully online (both asynchronous and synchronous courses) with two different options available leading to Idaho teacher certification. Required field experience and student teaching must be done in a face-to-face classroom setting but can be done in your hometown. 

Want to know more? Check out details in the MAT PROGRAM HANDBOOK