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Student Teaching Internship - Field Experience

The student teaching internship is the culminating professional clinical experience for candidates in teacher education. Interns work with students in an approved  school context assuming major responsibility for the full range of teaching, under the guidance of qualified personnel from Idaho State University and the cooperating schools.

Internships are scheduled for a full semester. Candidates should plan their internship semester to have no additional coursework without written permission from the Coordinator of the Office of Field Experience. All programs require 14 credits of internship. Through field experience,  you are:


  • placed with a highly qualified cooperating teacher.
  • supervised by a Danielson Framework for Teaching certified evaluator.
  • Given ongoing professional learning


The application process begins one year prior to the semester of student teaching.


One Year Before:

Submit Application

For FALL by October 20

For SPRING by April 20

Student Teaching Application on Taskstream

Teacher Education Program Tracking, Code = track

SIx Months Before:

Submit all exam scores in Taskstream by October 20 or April 20

Placement Interview with Teaching and Learning Coordinator

Student Teaching Fee:

Application Fee $50

Late Fee $50

Out of Area Fee $50

Materials Fee $10 Per Credit ($140)

Framework for Teaching:

Danielson FFT Evaluation Instrument

FFT Smart Card

FFT Correlation with InTASC


Additional Resources

Educator Preparation Clinical Handbook

Professional Standards Commission Code of Ethics