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Hiring Districts

The State of Idaho has authorized districts and charters to hire/assign qualified candidates that do not hold a valid Idaho Credential to serve in an assignment that requires certification/endorsement while the candidate is enrolled and working towards the proper certification and endorsement through the Alternative Authorization - Content Specialist route. As stated in Idaho Administrative Code, 042.02, “The purpose of this alternative authorization is to offer an expedited route to certification for individuals who are highly and uniquely qualified in a subject area to teach in a district with an identified need for teachers in that area” (p. 27, IDAPA 08.02.02). The Idaho State University Master of Arts in Teaching has been set up to support districts and candidates that currently hold a baccalaureate degree, go through the process of moving toward full certification in the three years' time allowed.  

 “At the time of authorization a consortium comprised of a designee from the college/university to be attended...and a representative from the school district, and the candidate shall determine the preparation needed to meet the Idaho Standards for Initial Certification of Professional School Personnel” (042.b.i).


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