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Office of Clinical Experience

The Office of Clinical Experience supports teacher candidates before and during student teaching by providing the necessary information and guidance for the student teaching internship.

*Please note the Letter of Introduction is no longer required for your student teaching application. 

Student Teaching

Student teaching is the culmination of your teacher education preparation. To be eligible for student teaching, you must:

  1. Be admitted into the teacher education program, and
  2. Meet all requirements of the program. 

Apply for Student Teaching

Student teaching is the capstone of the teacher education program and occurs after all major course requirements have been met and all Praxis II and ICLA exams passed. During student teaching, teacher candidates steadily increase their classroom responsibilities and demonstrate competency in planning, assessment, instruction, and other professional tasks. 

Candidates will apply for student teaching one year prior to student teaching.

  • If the candidate plans to teach in the fall semester, the student teaching application is due on October 20 one year in advance. 
  • If the candidate plans to student teach in the spring semester, the application is due on April 20 one year in advance.

Steps to Apply for Student Teaching 

The following items must be submitted to the Office of Field Experience one year prior to student teaching.

  1. Completed Student Teaching Application Form
  2. Pay the $50.00 student teaching application fee to the Office of Field Experience
  3. Deliver to the Office of Field Experience the completed Background Check Form and a check made out to the Idaho Department of Education. The necessary forms can be picked up in the Office of Field Experience.
  4. Plan of Study showing that all coursework is complete (work with the COE Advisor)
  5. Evidence of passing scores on the ICLA exams (this can be done one semester prior to student teaching)
  6. Evidence of passing scores on all required Praxis II exams uploaded into Taskstream

There is a $50.00 late fee for late applications, incomplete applications, and requests for reassignments that take place after placements are made

If you are interested in teaching outside of the ISU service area or out-of-state, you must fill out the Out of State Student Teaching Application.

Note: Completing the application does not guarantee a student teaching placement. Final approval for student teaching is contingent upon successful completion of all application materials, earning minimum grades in classes, and passing the required ICLA and Praxis II exams.

Mona Heern

Mona Heern, MEd

Field Experience Coordinator

Office: College of Education, Kent Center 203

(208) 282-3220

Ask me about: Student teaching placements, cooperating teachers