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Guidelines for University Supervisor

The University Supervisor is a person who has knowledge about the teacher education program, Danielson’s Framework for Teaching, and experience in supervision and communication. They are the liaison between the university and the student teaching placement school. Supervisors play an important role in the candidates’ experience. Their responsibilities include:

1. Building a relationship with the candidate and cooperating teacher while facilitating a positive working relationship between the two.
2. Observing the candidate.
3. Communicating with the candidate.
4. Facilitating open communication and addressing any issues that may arise for the cooperating teacher and teacher candidate.
5. Keeping written records that describe and evaluate the performance of the candidate, including, but not limited to, Professional Progress Reports (PPR), observations and/or evaluations.
6. Assisting the candidate in completing the required assignments and assessments.
7. During the student teaching internship, supervisors will assist candidates in implementing the goals that were identified in the common summative assessment during their pre-internship.
8. Assisting candidates by developing, in cooperation with the cooperating teacher, an Individualized Professional Learning Plan (IPLP) and Common Summative Assessment (CSA) which will be used for the institutional recommendation for certification.
9. Contacting the Coordinator of Field Experience with any concerns about the student teaching intern’s experience.

Student Teaching Placements

  • Timeline for placement
  • Information for Principals and Districts
Mona Heern

Mona Heern, MEd

Field Experience Coordinator

Office: College of Education, Kent Center 203

(208) 282-3220


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