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Educator Certification FAQs

How do I apply for my Educator Certification?
  • You will need to turn in to the State Department of Education:
    • Completed Idaho Educator Certification Application
    • Check for $75 made payable to Idaho Department of Education
    • Official transcripts from every school you have attended
    • Copies of your Praxis II scores
    • Institutional Recommendation Letter
When can I apply for my Educator Certification?
  • After graduation and successfully meeting all requirements for certification, including the Praxis II, you may apply for your Idaho Standard Instructional Certificate.
 Do I have to apply for certification right away?
  • Yes! Failure to apply in a timely manner may require you to meet current state standards. You may need to retake courses, take updated praxis exams or other items if the state requirements change. 
I’m moving out of state.  Do I have to apply for an Idaho Certificate?
  • Yes! It is easier to transfer your current Idaho certificate to your new state. Contact your new state’s department of education for the process.
  • If your new state requires any forms to be completed by ISU send the form to along with your contact information.  
Do I need to do another background check and fingerprints?
  • No, the background check you completed for your student teaching is the same background check used for certification.  
The Idaho Department of Education website says that it takes 11-14 weeks for my application to be processed.  School starts next week! Help!
  • Submit your application as soon as you have gathered your materials to avoid excessive delays in processing your application. 
  • Work with your principal and keep them updated on your application process.
*Keep your license current. An expired license may require you to meet the most current requirements.  

Traditional Route to Certification

Alternative Routes to Certification

Certification Outside of Idaho

Teacher to New Certification

Postponing your Teaching Career

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Dr. Jamie Webster

Advising Coordinator, Undergraduate Advising Center

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