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Frequently Asked Questions in the Joe and Pauline Kent Cent

How do I schedule an appointment?

Application Information

How do I complete a background check?

How do I apply for the Teacher Education Program?

How often are applications reviewed?

How do I apply for student teaching?

Required Exam Information

How do I register for my praxis exams?

What are the minimum scores for each praxis exam?

What study materials are there for the Praxis tests?

Do I need to take the ICLA and when is it scheduled?

Do I have to download my praxis scores in Taskstream or does ETS do that automatically?

Certification Information

How do I apply for a teaching certificate?

Course Rotation Information

What is the preferred sequence of courses?

What programs are offered at Idaho Falls, Pocatello, and Twin Falls?

More Important Questions

Is there a College of Education Handbook?

How do I register for Taskstream?

How do I file a petition?